Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„

(Big Boss) #1

Let me be the first to wish everyone in the Freetrade team and community a Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::deer::sled::gift: all the emojis!

To the folks at Freetrade, thank you for all your hard work and bringing simplicity and transparency to investing. The app so far is great and I can’t wait for all the new features to be rolled out next year!


(Aris David) #2

Merry Christmas y’all!

Thank you FreeTrade team for gifting us the Freetrade app this year.


Merry Christmas all! :christmas_tree::champagne::snowman_with_snow::santa:t2:

(Emma) #4

No gif? Disappointed :pensive:

(Alex Sherwood) #5

I hope everyone has a great Christmas :clinking_glasses: this isn’t yet the biggest FinTech community but it’s definitely the best & that’s all thanks to everyone here. Next year’s going to be huge for Freetrade, I can’t wait!

(Big Boss) #6

Oops! Here you go! :joy:

(Chris) #7

Best place to come for a talk/chat about fintech though.