Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

Also answering your question, I hold Balanced Commercial Property Trust Ltd (BCPT) which pays monthly. Share price has been decimated recently, yield is 5.4% but this REIT is currently trading at 48.34% discount…

I’ve been cautiously topping up.

As ever, do your own research!


Realty Income
Stag Industrial

Not aware of any UK stocks - except for Reits.


Where do you get these charts from?

Google Sheets :wink:
I have recorded the dividend payments in a spreadsheet and then generated the graphs from Sheets.


Fair enough - was hoping you’d say it was something available on the app!


Unfortunately not. What you can do in the near future, after the release of the export feed to csv feature, is to import the dividend data into your spreadsheet and generate your graphs.
To be honest this shouldn’t be to difficult for the Freetrade team to implement, but would increase the app size, maintenance cost and wouldn’t add any revenue. Furthermore everyone would like to have different statistics/graphs related to their investments and portfolios and Freetrade wouldn’t be able to please all the users.
I am more interested is the possibility of Freetrade to integrate with a third-party portfolio management tool (there are some threads in the forum about this), or an API where I can consume this data. Maybe in the future :slightly_smiling_face:


I3Energy pay monthly, but omly.0.00143 per share so unless you have thousands its not much per month. Current price is 22.8 p from 33

Hello @Buddy211 this site may be useful for your research into US stocks. It has a good range of sort/filter options:

Since opening my FT ISA on 30/11/21 I’ve recieved £222.03 in dividends.

September this year has been my best month to date with £93.87 being received.

Sure I have been heavily buying but good things happen if you stick at it.

Nowadays due to other commitments my share budget is lower, but am reaching a point where I can re invest the dividend and there’s enough there to get the snowball effect working


any word on this front?

I’m in the exact same position as you of not being able to contribute anything but am lucky enough to have dividends coming in that allow me to continue investing. You’re absolutely right, snowball effect will happen if you keep at it, only difference is the size in what snowballs people are able to manage depending on invested capital.

I’m also trying to be mindful of something I think Bitflip said about being wary of holding onto stocks in the hope that they recover as sometimes being an opportunity cost. Synthomer is one, I’ve made a huge loss on it but with them suspending dividends I decided to sell. For those I make a loss on, I will only invest in dividend paying ETFs, but having now invested in the latter with my Synthomer sale, I will already receive a bigger return from them than I would have done had I stuck with Synthomer! It’s not a uniform strategy with all companies of course, you have to make a judgement on which companies you think might be worth hanging onto and which ones to sell - hard decision even for seasoned investors, never mind amatuers like me!


I3 Energy div paid on the div day!


Barratts paid before lunch time on payment date too, keep up the good work Freetrade!


And BDEV paid well, I thought :thinking:


As far as I know its up to individual investment companies, not the Govt. I may be wrong…

Just checked, it banned new investment, so I’m assuming if people had investments in Russia before Putin went nuts, and they kept them, then they’ll still be paid divs…

For those interested in UK listed companies paying monthly.


Excellent thank you, will definitely take a look. Already invested in Ediston Property after I found mention of it on another thread.

isn’t that easier if you pick high dividend ETF like Vanguard VHYL or iShares WQDS?
they are very well diversified by countries and industries. WQDS has additional quality filter; the companies must have low debt compared to asset and revenue growth. Makes your life way much simpler :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely easier to go with an ETF than individual stocks. I prefer trusts though because they have reserves so they can continue to pay out even if underlying holdings suspend dividends.

That said, aside from one relatively small investment, I tend to avoid income-focused funds altogether and I haven’t run a high-yield portfolio of individual stocks for the best part a decade.

I made one of the most common mistakes in investing – chasing yield at the expense of capital growth. I’ve learned from that and now all I care about is total return.

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Does the profit/loss on a stock take into account the dividend you have received and reinvest into the stock again?