Megathread - πŸ”₯ Dividend Fest πŸ”₯


AFC Energy
Alliance Trust
Angle plc
Asian Values (Fidelity)
Aviva Plc
Bankers Trust
BASF (Boerse)
BG European Growth
BG US Growth
Bluefield Solar Income Fund
BMO Commercial Property Trust Ltd
BMO Global Smaller Companies
Blackrock World Mining
Capita plc
Caracal Gold
Chesterfield plc
China Growth (Bailie Gifford)
China Growth (JP Morgan)
Chinese Special (Fidelity)
City of London
Contour Global Plc
Cyber Security
Direct Line
Diversified Income (Henderson)
Duke Royalty
Emerging Markets (Templeton)
European Trust (Fidelity)
Edinburgh World
Finsbury Growth and Income Trust
Foresight Solar
GlaxoSmithKline plc
GCP Infrastructure
Global Growth (UP Morgan)
Greatland Gold plc
Greencoat UK Wind plc
Hargreaves Lansdown
Hipgnosis Songs
Henderson Far East
Henderson High Income Trust
High Yield Trust (Invesco)
Hurricane Energy
Imperial Brands Group
Int BioTech
iShares Euro STOXX Dividend (EUR)
iShares Core FTSE 100
iShares Global Clean Energy
iShares High Yield Corporate Bond
iShares MSCI World
iShares UK Dividend
iShares UK Property
iShares World Dividend
iShares World ESG
iShares USD High Yield Corp Bond ETF
Investec Plc
Jubilee Metals
Keystone Trust
Kodal Minerals
Legal & General Group plc
Legal & General Battery Value-Chain
Lloyds Banking Group
Medical Cannabis
Mercantile Investment Trust
Merchants Investment Trust
Murray Income Trust plc
Murray International Trust
Napster (MelodyVR)
National Grid
NB Global
New City High Yield
NextEnergy Solar
Ninety One plc
Oriental Income Fund (Schroder)
Pan African
Pennon Group
Phoenix Group
Powerhouse Energy
RIT Capital
Rize Sustainable Food
Scottish American
Scottish Mortgage Trust
SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust plc
Sequioa Infrastructure
Severn Trent
Smithson Trust
Special Values (Fidelity)
Storage Enso (CBOE Europe NL)
The Renewables Infrastructure Group
TR Property
TwentyFour Income
UK Oil and Gas
Vanguard All World High Dividend
Vanguard FTSE All World
Witan Investment
Worldwide Healthcare
Zinnwald Lithium


Here was me thinking maybe few ETFs and ITs and some infrastructure or something :smiley: nope, just everything

thanks for the list. I see some im invested in as well and some i might research a little more

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Mixture of income payers and speculative. In c. 5 years (because of age), I’ll drop the speculatives and put their proceeds into income generators. buy the dips and hold for income is my approach, I don’t really have the time or inclination to trade my way to greater capital.

78 generate income, 30 do not generate income.


Outside of throwing it all in an ETF or global IT who really has the time to actually research hundreds of stocks? So i get the point of not trading your way to greater returns, i think its probably a bad idea for most people.

At the moment id be best investing in growth stocks (though id likely go towards ITs, or ETFs for the most part) but for income ive been likening SAIN and their approach to generating stable income (and reasonable growth) in the long term. its the only one on my long term list atm.

my dividends average Β£2 a month at the moment :sweat_smile: I like your upcoming May though, that would pay my mortgage for the month.

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At the moment, all income in ISA in reinvested, nothing taken out. Monthly Premium Bond wins (10 months in the year for last 5 years) also transferred into ISA and invested.

One day, the flow will be outbound instead of inbound.

Freetrade need to have setup regular withdrawal feature by then (i.e. withdraw x% of previous calendar month income on a given day in the month). I hope to take 75% of the monthly income out and reinvest 25% to offset inflation. The percentage can be adjusted as global issues dictate.


Anyone else missing notifications of dividends paid Friday ? had the money paid but no email or anything in the app.

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Yes, and for Thursday. They seem to be delayed but I’m finding the emails and notifications are slowly coming in.

Does anyone else have a discrepancy of the total amount they have in their ISA account. They have accounted for the cash I have invested but the dividends given to me have not been accounted for and it’s a large sum?

How do we know what shares pay out dividends?

How is it paid out via freetrade?

Just to expand upon my question,

I have several different shares already but not sure if any pay out dividends.

How would I find this out?

How would I claim anything owed?


Interest, income (e.g. dividends) and capital gains don’t apply/get included to the Β£20000 yearly limit you can put in ISAs.
So that Β£20000 limit is just the cash you put in, see the Gov and Freetrade explainers below for more details

The most reliable source is the website/s of the companies you’re invested in, these would indicate any dividend payments that would be paid or have been paid.

You could quickly find this by doing a search in Google, so if I was looking for dividend information I would search β€œLegal and General investor relations dividends” (or insert other company name) including investor or investor relations usually filters the results down to the right section of their websites, I get this as the second result -

Freetrade also explain dividend payments, how they pay them into your GIA/ISA/SIPP and notify you here - How are dividends paid on Freetrade?

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I like the website dividendmax. I’ve got a free account with them and can add a list of notifications for my shares. I get an email whenever a dividend is declared and you can look up the profile of the company to see when the next dividend is due and how much it will be.


Interesting strategy - not one I’d considered previously, as I had in my mind to take out a set amount from divis and leave the rest as cash as a buffer for β€˜leaner’ months. This has got me thinking, cheers! :smiley:

I actually ended the month very strong and had my biggest dividend month so far. This is not provided to boast - it is used as motivation for the small time investors like myself - my first month (Jan 2020) was Β£0.14! I just had a Β£95.00 month.


Good work I’d love a Β£95 month

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Keep doing the small things properly and you will get there :slight_smile:


Indeed, it starts off small but keep at it over the years and it builds up - here’s my progress from over the last 9 years (for Feb):



So exciting :joy:
I’m going to reinvest it.
Compound it. I’ll be rich soon


May is looking like my biggest month, quite a lot of ex-dividends just passed or this week.