Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

I have moved more of my portfolio out of growth/tech and into dividends. The side effect that I wasn’t expecting is less stress and less need to check how it’s doing.

I wonder if this is a more widely felt opinion. Just a thought @Greig


Yes, you make an excellent point and you are quite correct. I don’t only have quarterly dividend payers in my portfolio, quite a few of them pay biannually or in even fewer increments. So while my aim is definitely to ensure dividends come in on a monthly basis, that is not at the cost of my research and I would never compromise by buying companies that I wasn’t entirely happy with just for the quarterly dividend.


This is my monthly dividend tracking over the last 9 years:

I didn’t specifically seek out stocks/investments to pay out in particular months but over the years, it just turned out that way, with some months particularly good, and others not so good.

The dividends come from a combination of ETFs, individual stocks but mostly investment trusts.


Im after cutting my resarch time down hunting for stocks. Basically im after cheap stocks that pay a decent dividend per share. If anyone can list the names of the company followed by how much you would make per share in dividends as well as the frequency they pay dividends per year it would be much appreciated.

I3 energy 0.1425p per share 10 divs a year

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Edison properties (epic) 0.4167p per share 12 divs per year :stuck_out_tongue::+1:t2:

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I’m liking the additional detail that comes through on the push notifications now, a nice wee addition


On what sorry :thinking:

Notifications to your phone (on iOS at least)


I don’t understand any of That message :rofl::rofl:

Sorry I’m with you now different thread :smiley:

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That looks nice and shiny.


For @Peteswindon and anyone else interested… My current top positions
My choices are made purely on the dividend %, with an eye towards whether a company/fund looks good, feels good, and had performed reasonably ok over the previous year or so.
My initial goal was to have any money invested work harder than my bank savings, that currently earn 0.1% interest. Easily achieved. Then I wanted to see 5% over a year - again, with some careful selections, already achieved. After that, I set a new goal of seeing my ISA fees covered for the year -already achieved, but then FT changed the goalposts with their new fee structure, but I’m still OK for the fees to be covered over the year.
I don’t particularly focus on quarterly or biannual, or any dividend payout schedule, so some months are not very lucrative, and others are quite nice! September looks to be the best yet, with predicted total dividends of over £60. That, on its own, will cover a year’s Standard subscription fees (£4.99 per month)
At the moment, assuming all pay the predicted dividends, I’m looking at close to £200 per year, and that will only grow as I reinvest and add to it every month.
Hope that made sense - It’s been a rough few weeks with job redundancy, 2 weeks of covid, and now about to start a new job… I may be a little brain fogged.


Thank you for the explanation as to why you picked your winners. Cheers!


Scarily similar to my stock choices minus my monthly payers

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Who are your monthly payers? If you don’t mind me asking.


Horizon technology HRZN
Gladstone capital GLAD
Prospect capital PSEC
Ellington financial EFC
Realty income O
Shaw communications SJR

Starting to build and they all pay out every month (so far)


All US stocks? I’ve stuck to UK up to now, mainly for the tax implications. I shall watch them and think on it! Thank you


Same here, all mine are UK only. The monthly payer I have is BCPT but with another broker as I can’t have it in my ISA with Freetrade (yet, it is a REIT). Also, I was buying NBMI, until it was classed as specialised, so I am unable to top up (until further notice).


I have been raising the addition of the ticker to EVERYTHING for a while now.

Not 100% sure but if FT only deal in instruments traddd on an Exchange, doesnt that imply everything avaikable on FT has a ticker?

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Yes i am not sure why this happens a the emails they send at the same time have the unrounded figures