Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

I wasn’t talking about the delay in getting the money from freetrade. I was talking about the money itself from companies, like dividends in general :slight_smile:

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This is fundamentally what a lot of people do with their pension pots when they retire and want the income.

Switch to reasonable, solid dividend stocks and use the payouts. That way you don’t have to sell anything. It’s quite common, and something I will do in many years if I get to retire.

Doesn’t mean it’s not smart to have other sources of income too if you can.


Been looking at getting a dividends portfolio started that pay dividends every week through the month. Does anybody have a blueprint on how to do this. Keep seeing the odd few videos on that evry now and then but does anyone have a portfolio that does that they could let me peek at so i know what shares to buy for weekly income

That’s optimistic. Most shares pay out bi annually or quarterly. Very few pay monthly but they do exist Realty Income is one I believe. You would probably have to have a lot of shares in alot of different companies to get a weekly dividend income that’s worth anything. You may want to relook at your strategy


There are companies that have paid and increased their dividend for decades. If you focus on high quality cash generative businesses with a proven track record there is a good chance those payments can be sustained into the future. Nothing is ever guaranteed of course. If a company stops paying then move somewhere that does Plenty of options out there.


no, i would think the best option is to have a good budgeting tool, then even if you only get annual payments you know what to set aside for and when

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This is very doable with around 20-25 positions in a well diversified portfolio. You can use dividend tracking services to check payment schedules etc. The underlying business fundamentals and dividend safety is more important than when the dividend is paid but with a decent enough spread you will hit most weeks.

True conviction can only come from doing your own research. Good luck.

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It’s possible to get divis most weeks if you are willing to hold a lot of open positions.

On 212 there is a dividend pie called 'almost weekly dividends ’

To succeed you need to be willing to have circa 100 open positions.

I admit it’s not fee everyone but it’s possible

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And on that, they’re often poorly providing div’s.

Sure the stock might increase but with a constant hold, the owner is losing money than if it where in a ‘high paying’ interest account

This pie thing - can you choose which stocks to put money into or does it auto distribute contributions across a pre-defined weighting?

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Of course!

Picking shares based in the date the dividend is paid is a recipe for disaster.

I can easily underperform the market having access to all shares never mind only selecting those to meet dividend payment dates!


Hmmm yes and no.

If your buying AIM stocks and small caps then yeaaa, that’s probably risky.

If your buying mostly ETFs and blue chip defensive stocks to then the risk is subdued a lot more, yet still present.

I’ve always 95% of the time preferred ETFs and blue chips and although at times I have beaten the market, this isn’t what I’m looking to do.

Strokes for folks.

I do go some weeks in the year without a dividend, if there’s nothing worth buying or topping up when an ex date is coming up, I shall hold off for as long as it takes.

A lot of US stuff can be quarterly payers so if someone’s particularly big on US stuff they might be able to do the same thing with less open positions. And a decent number of them are blue chips like $KO etc

What I’m trying to day here is I’m not advocating to buy stocks, any stock just because it pays a dividend on this or that date.

But if you’ve been considering say opening a position or topping up on say Tesco and the ex div is next week, then go for it!

If however you saw an ex date and ‘by miracle’ you have an interest in opening a position in this company or ETF when you previously had none, just because of an ex date or payment date, then it might be worthwhile thinking up your strategy.

Also the hub and spoke model works well in the sense that don’t let your individual companies be of a higher weighting than 5% of your portfolio. I reserve these allocations specifically for über stable ETFs.

Not financial advice btw

Thatd what i mean lol. Im after buikding a portfolio that has enkugh stocks to recieve a weekly dividend. Mkst stocks oay regularly around the same weeks in a month on there quarterly dividend

Well thats a first for me. T212 paid dividends first for a stock i hold there and in freetrade. In the past freetrade were always quickest. Hopefully freetrade can get back to where they were very soon. :frowning:


H&L always paid my dividends on the day! Freetrade is days behind and seems to be getting slower?


Finally had my Shell and Auto divs today
still waiting on RIO, BHP, Glencore, AAL, Legal General
it shouldn’t be this slow


See the replies above from staff.

It shouldn’t be this slow, but there’s nothing we can do except put up with it until it’s resolved, or leave.

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I like to see when people say I’m moving in April? But atm I guarantee nobody will be moving?
You are not telling me your at not down in at least 1 stock in your ISA? I presume you can’t take stock with you and your losses or gains you would Have to sell right?

I Have made some bad choices and some great choices and unlucky choices? And I’m still down but hopefully as time goes on
It’s called an ISA for a reasons and unless the world collapses (isn’t far off ATM :man_facepalming::roll_eyes:) it’s a saving pot a d will come good :heart:

Many years left and only make a profit or loss when sell!
So let the divs come in I totally get when late it’s annoying we know why now!

Hopefully happy trading some right deals out there and maybe more to come :+1:t2: