MEGATHREAD: Free Share updates and feedback 🎟

Is this still the case? I seem to have had a few come through but not all.

Also, can we get activity synchronised? It says “free share” in there which is much nicer for screenshots :wink:

Has anyone had a reveal today?

Nope. I’m waiting for 2

Not mine but one of my referrals received Edinburgh Trust (down 3,82% today :scream:)

I’ve had 1 of 4, expecting them all to come through tonight but seems unlikely now

Waiting on two, still had nothing come through. Still hoping though :crossed_fingers:

Just received Aston Martin


Can’t complain with these!


Still nothing for me yet. Hoping for something good to ease the burden of holding SXX :joy:


Not bad at all! Hoping I’m as lucky!

Out of curiosity, did you get a notification or did they just appear in the app?

The batch is still processing, we are 1/4 of the way through. We’ve had a lot of free shares to process!


Still the case!

You mean synchronised i.e. they’re labeled as “free share” on the Activity Feed, but not on the Portfolio screen? The team have taken a note of this, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for regularl updates.


Just got mine share. Thanks FreeTrade! You made my day!



That’s the least. :blush:

We’ve just identified a technical issue, and it looks like a small amount of users are not in tonight’s batch. We are looking into the details, but we’ve also wanted to give a heads-up as soon as we’ve spotted this issue.

Rest assured everyone will get their free shares this week!

We’ll keep everyone posted.


Actually, I meant that I can see my newest free shares in the investments list of my portfolio, but they’re not in activity at all and the free shares are still in the queue. But what you said makes sense too.

As I was writing this, the notifications came through and they appeared in activity. Only a couple of hours late.

Still 5 to go which are not recent, so I’m expecting them tonight?

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Are there still more shares being given out tonight or is that it for today?

Got my first one; TRIG. Recently sold my position with Renewables and got one back :joy: £1.28 better off :+1:t2:


Maybe it would be a good idea to add some kind of button in the app for the free shares? So when you get a share you can share it on your social networks with some short information about the platform. That could be a good “free” marketing for FreeTrade.