MEGATHREAD: German stocks 🇩🇪

Similarly it would be great if the German-listed BioNTech is available


Good idea. Please make a request and vote for it.


When it comes to European markets that are already with us. Will you be adding new stock for these markets. Will you be adding more Finnish stocks and also (while not straight away) will you be adding more German stocks.

There’s talk LIDL may go public and I want to buy if it’s listed on the German or Austrian market.

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Everyone freetrade does something the enhance the offering more people will be tempted to move across.

AJ Hell’s foray into the low cost/ free brokerage world with their planned Dodl offering proves that legacies might well be starting to feel it in the same way British Airways felt it once easyJet and RyanAir got a foothold. They even started a low cost airline of their own called Go.

I see history repeating itself.

Now one can fly low cost to Europe, and they can also buy European shares on a low cost basis.

Freetrade is the easyJet of the brokerage world.


Hopefully with much better customer service than sleazy jet.



Hallo. Wie geihts

Ok mien German isn’t much better then that

Down to the question.

Out of curiosity I’m surprised that Adidas and Puma and are listed in Germany.

They are brands I would typically associate with the USA and would have expected to see them in the US market.

Just a mere curiosity

Ive always associated these as German.

The famous brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler


They’re German companies headquartered in Germany.


I second this. Would really love to see fractional EU stocks if possible!



Anyway of filtering for German stocks only?

Trying to find German defence, climate, energy co’s.


type XETR into the search

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Thank you, that worked perfectly.

XETR for German Stocks
XAMS for Dutch Stocks
XHEL for Finnish Stocks
XWBO for Austrian Stocks
XBRU for Belgium Stocks
XLIS for Portuguese Stocks

Maybe someone should pin this


All the product usability people are now crying in their beer steins.


Amazing. Super useful that!!

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Can anyone sell me on investing in German stocks or even European stocks in general? I get the impression that European companies are risk-averse, not particularly creative or innovative and stifled by strict regulation and bureaucracy. German companies in particular seem to have a bit of an unethical streak to them sometimes e.g. VW dieselgate scandal, Wirecard fraud scandal. Am I missing an opportunity here? It just seems that the US markets and UK markets are greener pastures.

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I mean there is some truth to the regulation angle for Europe vs US and there are certainly big differences between Europe and the US (but valuations reflect that). I can’t really see why you think UK markets are greener pastures though, in fact if anythingvaluations are lower.

I guess to change your mind with some other anecdotes I’d just say that Europe is home to arguably the world’s most innovative company (ASML) and sure VW had dieselgate, but on the flipside it might also be the world’s biggest EV producer in a year or so.

I’m not really sure where to start on business ethics, but I struggle to see an objective observer concluding that the UK/US are much more ethical than other European companies - indeed when looking at ESG scoring European companies dominate the top with the UK/US fairly high, but trailing.