MEGATHREAD: Recurring orders (Beta) is here

This (recurrent orders) is not a strategy for people interested in “averaging down”. It might be that it results in the average going down (during some particular period) … but this “average going down” is explicitly not the purpose of recurrent orders. When you are doing this you have (usually) decided that you like share X and you wish to buy it regularly (e.g. every month) for the next Y years - during that time the purchase price will go up and down. This kind of regular purchase is a widely used method for long term wealth growth.

I have noticed, several times on this forum, that people confuse pound cost averaging with “averaging down”.

Yes, obviously, you could do this regular purchase manually if you want to.


So am I reading this right?

If I wanted to set up say 10 recurring buys/stocks I would need to add 10 different standing orders?

And if I set up say £20 each and the stock is not fractional and is currently say £11 I would have £9 left in balance.

If so I guess it is better than nothing but pretty lumpy and pointless for people who are looking for a pie type option. Would be far easier to add manually for me as I like to add to up to 10 stocks a month but for some I guess it is good, better than nothing.


You can also just schedule recurring deposits (see the other thread). And allocate manually as you see fit


Like myself but I wouldnt say 10 stocks a month maybe 1 big one or couple smaller one :rofl::rofl:

Nice, but, do standing orders from Lloyds Banking group appear in the activity feed yet?

Data must be flowing for the balance to update, so, if updating one field in one table in the database why cannot another table have a row inserted to reflect the activity?

sIPP opened last week, standing order paid from Lloyds on Monday yet to appear in SIPP.

In terms of standing orders for Lloyds banking group see the reply here

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So for ETFs without fractionals, would you end up with change from whatever the stock price is at the time? Gotta get those UK fractionals :wink:

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Does this mean UK Fractional Shares are a thing? :pray: :eyes:

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Would help as always change left over and just under the £2 minimum buy :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Can someone on an iPhone confirm if this is the case? Or someone from freetrade?

Looking forward to this - assuming I can have one standing order of, say, 200 quid with 50 into each of 4 regular purchases. 4 standing orders would be a bit annoying (though I’d still use it I expect)

OMG :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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I completely understand. As mentioned earlier in the thread, recurring orders for a collection of stocks is something we are looking at. We launched with single stocks first as it was quick and easy to deliver value that works!

correct, any change would be kept as cash in your account!


Looks to be the case, you got a unique reference per stock and account (GIA/ISA/SIPP)

The Autopilot thread is now closed, however the first post on that was about dividend reinvestment which it doesn’t sound like this is.


Why has it been set up this way? The best user experience would be to set up one standing order (even better direct debit) and then allocate the stock / % / account the money goes into within the app…

This feels very clunky…

Is this a stepping stone?


It’s generally referred to as minimum viable product (MVP) in the development world.
So wouldn’t necessarily cover every use case or scenario, personally works for myself in the first instance for buying shares in a all world ETF.

With an MVP subsequent/incremental improvements can be added, planned, or noted down as ideas to be evaluated for business value and planned.

It also allows for an element of feedback from users/customers, which may uncover additional ideas (dependant on the feature of course) and/or reported bugs

This feature along with reporting and stats, website beta etc
All seem to be following that MVP route, it gives visibility for those complaining (valid on past delivery speed) about lack of progress in features and I think generally gives a feeling of success and boost of morale to the team delivering, all improvement/progress being good no matter how small.

That’s the general theory anyway


@woodyblade is correct! It is just an MVP and should not suggest that this is what the final product will look like (unless feedback states otherwise).

There’s this famous presentation from Spotify about project delivery which explains that in order to deliver a car, you should first built the skateboard. What we have here today is the skateboard! :wink: (article).



Speaking of feedback, I am really glad you brought this up as we have been discussing internally the pros and cons of direct debit vs standing order (and other payment methods). What are people’s thoughts on using standing orders vs direct debits?


Seems like a community management/moderation issue. May be worth discussing further here:


Hopefully one of FT’s goals is to boost AUA. Therefore you need to make it as easy as possible for people to send money to their FT account. There is a reason DD exists and although it’s more expensive for FT, it should be an option (unless you can do the equivalent with open banking / True Layer).

You also want people to stay engaged with an app. If I want to buy 20 stocks every month… can you imagine how hard it is with the current product… you’ll have no data of people setting up 20 standing orders as it’s a complete pain. If it was in the app however… would be much simpler.