MEGATHREAD: Recurring orders (Beta) is here

That sounds much better and good news! You mention the option to come out of cash. Will this be independent or will it use the cash in your account and then the remaining you set up recurring for come from your bank?

This would be pretty cool if the second option is what it will do.

Thanks @Big-g. To start with it’ll only be from cash in your account. However, we do know we need to solve for making it easier to get cash in your account on a recurring basis. At the moment what we offer is our Standing Orders option.


In addition to @cheok’s excellent update, deactivated recurring orders will no longer appear on the portfolio screen!


Can I second this request please i.e. using existing cash vs a direct debit?

I top up my ISA once a year vs drip feed in and is much easier to manage- this is the key reason I find the H&L implementation useless and this feature in itself would make me stay and invest more than anything else.


Thanks @Pk222 for the feedback. As @cheok mentioned above, setting recurring orders from cash in your Freetrade account is something we are actively working on. Watch this space :eyes:


Great work!

Is there a timeframe, even if it’s a rough/generalized one, for launch?

Thank you! Unfortunately I can’t give a timeframe as we haven’t started building yet. We’re just finishing off some user testing of the design to make sure what we’re proposing works.

The next step from here is that I’ll be working with our engineers to understand how hard each component of the feature will be. We’ll then decide which parts to work on first and what the lightest-weight version of the feature could be that we’d release without compromising on the quality of it. Once we have this, we’ll get it out into your hands for your feedback while we continue to iterate and improve it!