MEGATHREAD: Stock fundamentals 📊

Hey yall, it’s me again,

Sharing some work in progress regarding EPS. I’ve got it mocked up with the latest data for Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, and would love to get feedback from you all regarding the way the data is visualised.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback,


Looks pretty cool!!

Looks good , data nice and clear

So what are you asking in regards to the visualisaton?

If its 3 different stocks, then the data is going to be different, but the algo is going to be same underneath all the same…

Are you showing where the data your pulling from is sourced from? Are you trying to show how close or far the source data is to actual EPS? or just trying to show the layout?
so 4 historical, and 2 estimations? - are Q2 '23 already present or at the moment just people say ‘id like it to be this’?

Im honestly not sure what feedback your wanting from this?

Hey @Bagshaw & all,

Thank you for your feedback.

You’re right that the data will be different for different stocks, @Bagshaw. The image above displays the latest data we would show.

To add clarity, the feedback I’m looking for on the shared EPS estimates is:

  • Around the way the data is visualised, is it clear or not, and why?
  • If you go somewhere else to get this information at the moment, where do you go and how does this compare?
  • Keeping in mind the EPS data is realistic in the image above, does the way it is presented make sense?

Thanks again everyone,

Hi @Rafael :wave:

I understood the concept and it’s clear once you understand that grey are predictions, red are eps estimate misses and green are estimates beat.

I would advise to have some form of label for this in the app.

Besides that it’s great information and definitely helps!


Two updates to the app have passed by. I haven’t seen an update to the error message.

It still leaves the user not sure what the problem is. To understand this Freetrade needs to put itself in the shoes of the user. When confronted with this error message the user doesn’t understand that there is no problem with her connectivity or app.


Hey @bitflip unfortunately I was a bit too eager and the error messages hadn’t yet been updated in the app, which is why nothing has changed on your end.

You can expect to see this towards the end of next week in your app (you may need to manually update your app via the app store rather than waiting on the automatic update from Apple). If you do notice more of these errors after, please let me know and tell me which stocks.


Brilliant! Thank you @Rafael. One thing I know for sure is that you personally and the product and engineering teams are very eager to do the right thing as quickly as possible. Thanks again. :grinning:


Hi everyone :wave:

The latest stock fundamental for Standard and Plus members has just dropped: earnings per share (EPS) estimates.

With this feature, you can see analysts’ previous EPS estimates plotted against actual figures and projections for the next two quarters.

You know the drill - we’ll gradually roll this feature out to Standard and Plus members on iOS over the next week, with Android to follow. iOS users can download the update directly from the App Store.

We’ve loved hearing your feedback across all these stock fundamentals releases, so please keep it coming!

Not a Standard or Plus member yet? See how our plans compare. Upgrade to access dividend events, price targets, analyst ratings, our full range of stocks, interest on cash balances and more.

The more you know :bulb:

EPS stands for earnings per share. It shows the company’s net profit divided by the number of shares it has issued. It represents how much money a company has made for each share of its stock.

It helps put a company’s earnings into perspective and, like other fundamentals, is most valuable when it’s compared against competitors within the same industry. Analysts try to model a company’s future EPS estimates to help get a feel of a firm’s growth.

When you invest your capital is at risk, the value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than what you invest.


@Rafael i see it is fine now - the user now clearly understands there is no problem with her set up. Thanks for making this happen!

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I’ve noticed that ETFs that are distributing don’t have a mention of dividends, could this be added?

Some small dividends could really do with an extra decimal place or two when showing the dividend otherwise in some cases it can show zero when there is an actual dividend.

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Hello :wave: Just a quick update to inform you that EPS (earnings per share) has now been rolled out to Standard and Plus members on Android as part of the latest update ! :rocket:


I used to enjoy this app in the beginning, but really struggling now I’m 2.5k down :pensive::roll_eyes:

I like being in the green :slightly_smiling_face: :grinning:

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Think that would be the case regardless of whether you’re on this app or with any other stock broker :joy:



What’s everyone’s favourite fundamentals?

I mean, what THREE fundamentals do you put FIRST, when it comes to picking that winning horse?!?

Very true, got to Greedy and not knowing when to stop :roll_eyes: