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Hi all

Can we get THCB?

This one has real potential. We need it!

Hey Guys can we get an update on this SPAC please

This needs to be added, said to agree merge with Microvast at a valuation of $3B. Possible $50+ stock. One of the first movers in battery tech and by building a battery from the ground up has exceeded most competitors.

bump on this

This is a huge potential spac, please please please can we get an update on if this is coming before I buy elsewhere :joy:

Can we get this one please

Would be a good one. Was reading about it yesterday

I made a thread for this (although admittedly I used a lazy title - I’ll update)

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Can we add this one please! Why does it take this long… :sob:

Need this added ASAP $$$

Have you tried using search? :stuck_out_tongue:

Surprisingly I have. Are you telling me Tuscan holdings is on freetrade??

No, rather request is on the forum already.

Another SPAC looking at an EV battery play i.e. potentially another meme stock

Just in case the 6 letters “EV SPAC” aren’t enough for everyone:

All I needed to hear for my vote was EV SPAC :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

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Where we at with this, common guys we need the team to be on point with the EV Market.

WSB is pumping it right now. It’s going to the moon.


This is having a really decent run already, I would love FT to add it so I can move it into my ISA