Mind Medicine Inc - MNMD

Very interesting pharmaceutical with very high potential returns

It was already proven that 18-MC doesn’t increase GDNF expression in dopaminergic-like cell cultures of the brain. Way back in 2010 you can go look it up in the October issue of Addiction Biology.

In treatment for alcohol addiction, maybe. More recent studies of its use for treating other substance dependencies show it to be effective

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I may have found what you’re referencing: Acute oral 18-methoxycoronaridine (18-MC) decreases both alcohol intake and IV nicotine self-administration in rats - PubMed

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Came to suggest this one!

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I’d love this, and CMPS.


Would love this too! :pray:

Would love this one please :pray:



+1 would love to see this.

Hopefully we’ll be able to trade mmedf at some point?!

Been waiting nearly 9 months so far so I’m not feeling too optimistic about this one😆

Oh really?! I’ll have to find somewhere else to use then! Do you know where we can trade mmedf?

Can I request we get more psychedelic stock options such as Mindmed etc :pray:t4:

Please start a thread for an individual stock. Generally asking for a category/type of stock isn’t particularly helpful. Especially since Mind Med has been requested plenty of times. Searching before requesting a specific stock saves time and avoids duplicate posts.

Specific stocks can be requested via the form a :freetrade: team member posted and this is the way they prefer things to be done.

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You’ll find the ‘new stock request form’ at the beginning of this thread: Freetrade New Stock Request Form

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I’m also keen to see more CSE stocks on Freetrade but I get the sense that there aren’t any plans to open trading into Canadian Stocks any time soon. Maybe with enough CSE stock requests submissions it might highlight a greater FT community demand?

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This please!