Monzo launching in US

Looks like a few news articles doing the rounds that Monzo are launching over the pond - I hope it’s a huge success; because I believe it is an awesome bank and really empowers it’s customers and also because it will make me stinky rich!!


How many shares do you have?

360+ ok maybe not slinky rich but hopefully enough to pay off my mortgage when they IPO in a year or so (my opinion)

How much would you guess they would IPO for per share?

My finger in the air guess if US is a success then - IPO at £10 billion? Share price £80.

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A £30,000 payout is not too bad at all for you

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Then there is the initial buying fury for new listings, maybe another 40-60% increase? (Am I daydreaming?)

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Probably a little but who could criticise you

Hope you do get the payout

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I thought that’s reserved for very loss making companies :thinking:

That would be nice. I suspect it’d take longer to get to that sort of valuation though. They’d probably need 10s of millions of customers, not 2 million.

Shame Monzo wasn’t EIS rated as any sale of shares will have CGT imposed.

I am being pie-in-the-sky, but gotta dream big!

Yes EIS would have been marvelous, hurray for freetrade, when it IPO at £10 billion and the money is all mine!!


Sadly, banks are not eligible for EIS :frowning:

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Some more coverage of the :us: rollout.


What a day for my favourite fintechs

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