Predictions 2023

I predict Monzo will announce an IPO :+1::clap:


I predict a riot.


Was hoping for Freetrade IPO but we know that won’t happen for sometime, if ever, if sold off.


Why do you think that? (Genuine interest rather than a challenge).

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The door is open for a company like Monzo to IPO.
The IPO market is dead at the moment,so for a company like Monzo who have over 6 million active customers and are going to show a fantastic increase in profits this year,then in my opinion the time is now and they don’t need to wait till 2024.
Just to add another prediction, I reckon the valuation is about £12 billion


2024 :+1:

Tesla go under $70 per share


Feels a bit high. Is it worth just under half of Barclays?

Barclays: £28.686B

But then again, bank valuations are all over the place:

HSBC: £144.371B
Lloyds Banking Group: £33.385B
Metro Bank: £203.59M (that’s million)

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Interest rates at 7%

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Is this a bit of fun and a moonshot prediction, or a serious estimation based on some numbers or comparisons?

A big chunk of my portfolio is Monzo so that would be fantastic, however it feels too optimistic to me even though they are killing it right now.

I think what puts a firm ceiling on it for me is that Wise are publicly valued at £5.7bn on the LSE with metrics twice as big as Monzo’s. They are arguably very different businesses with different business models, but i can’t see why Monzo would IPO at twice the value of a ‘similar’ London Fintech that takes twice as much revenue, earns twice as much profit and has a similar rapid growth trajectory as them.

If you think a comparison to Wise is valid, Monzo should worth around £3bn or maybe £4bn if they reach revenue run rate of £500m and break even in June.

Just my thoughts, but i’d love your £12bn prediction to come true.


Monzo will be way over break even in June,and as you say “they are killing it” also in my opinion they have the best and most responsible buy now pay later offering on the market “FLEX”

Russia will loose

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I will get off my arse and get the vegetable garden started.

The landlord will raise the cost of pies on pie night.

The US and China won’t be be best mates…ever

The Israel’s and the Palestinians won’t be best mates…ever.

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Freetrade will not sort out questionnaires for there version of complex investments…ever

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I thought this was predictions for 2023 not ‘ever’ ones.

For ever includes 2023… Obviously
As in


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