This firm operates oil pipelines, refineries and storage facilities in the US.

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Aug 6th 2021 Earning call

MPLX LP (MPLX) Q2 2021 Earnings Call Transcript

MPLX earnings call for the period ending June 30, 2021.

MMLP is a good MLP ETF. Yield is 7% approx & diversified

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Yes, but MPLX yield is about 9.75%, and is just oil and gas.

MMLP isn’t listed on FTrade. Have you got a link to it?

Is MPLX getting delisted? This is out of the blue!

MMPL and EPD have also dissapeard from my watchlist

Same as Icahn

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what is a PTP?
This a freetrade or government thing.

It’s a publicly traded partnership. The decision has been made by the IRS to add a further 10% tax - the decision has been made by Freetrade not to offer this stock any longer

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I held EPD in the ISA - that was forbidden apparently and was forced to sell a few months back as they werent allowed in there.
Dissapointing that they’re no longer being offered.

I note HL is still showing these MLP’s as being available to trade in the ISA, whether thats a error on the website I dont know.

I’d hazard to say that as an established broker they will likely continue to offer - it seems cost-free competitors are still offering at present.

Another positive for other brokers, FT seems consistently on the back foot now.

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All my FT stocks were not in an ISA.
FT decided I had to sell. Not legisation.

85% of my holding were:

  • MLP (PTP) type constructions, or
  • US listed stocks that were move from GIA to pay monthly accounts.

The rest were a few UK holdings.

Since September 85% of my stocks got restricted in some way.

Mine were in GIA. This is an FT decision for GIA.