Icahn Enterprises ☔ - IEP

A diversified holding company with interests in automotive, financials, food packaging and more

Anyone brought shares in this company it as a very high dividend yield

Seeking advice with this stock, with the exchange and the US tax has it got to be a long term investment or is it one of those stock which just stays as it is, not going down much, not going up much. I am more interested in the 16% dividend. Thanking you all for any advice, Mark

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A dividend yield is a backwards looking indicator so be a little careful as it’s not always predictive. I’m this case the dividend looks very stable

There will be a 15% withholding tax taken by Uncle Sam so you’d get $1.70.

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Thank you


IEP ex-date is 17th August.

Will I get the payment if I buy today on the 17th?

I always muddle this up. :slight_smile:

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If it was me buying for the dividend, I would buy on the 16th


Thanks Mark. I am too late this time.
But I put lots in for the next div :wink:

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I would be careful investing in LLPs / MLPs if you are a uk tax payer and seek advice from a tax adviser first. If i understand things correctly these stocks may be able to be held in a SIPP without any onerous US tax reporting and paying obligations, but if held in an ISA or GIA there will be even if you have completed a W8BEN.

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Instant Buy orders for IEP failed.
I tried twice, and everyone said “no confirmation received, we’ll let you know” paraphrasing a bit
Activatity log showed no orders for the stock.

they came back

What date was the IEP $2 stock div cutoff date? 17th or 18th?

Ex-div was the 18th, so need to hold on the close of business 17th to be eligible

thanks. I held some on the 17th.

WTF is happening with IEP?!?!

Changes in US withholding tax on PTPs, requiring to sell by 21st December - you should have an in-app message.

Have to say, very poor show especially after the complex UK buys being restricted too.

What? We have to sell our holdings?


I was only here for MLPs.

Explains why the share prices just dropped.

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I just sold everything US that I had in FreeTrade.

The rules keep changing so much that it is now impossible for me to make any money from investing.

I will move back to HL ( where my ISA is ) and just use it to renovate my house.

I got burn last time I tried back at the start of the century, and I should have learnt my lesson.

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I will sell my UK holdings tomorrow. And then the deal is done.

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