My Propelor - Tool for Tracking Dividends

New tool from for all us dividend investors. Free to use (as far as I’m aware) and gives you a great breakdown of all your holdings, and all info with regards to the dividend. Great wee tool until Freetrade catches up :+1:t3:


This looks great but do you have to become a premium member?

I’m not a premium member Shane. I was using their dividend tool for few months there then it went offline.

Just received an email today with a link to “my propelor” haven’t had to give any card details, just my name, where I’m from and what platform I use.

I use DividendMax, but I will check it out.

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It’s a bit up and down at the moment loses data and then comes back

No way to change to £?

Also, cannot import holdings?

You have to buy premium pack otherwise wait on their watchlist to get access. No idea how long you have to wait but its not available immediately without paying. Shame as it looked useful