Mystery Stocks

Just received my mystery free stock!!! What did everyone else get??


I got two free ones, one of which is just over the £2 mark, the other is just over £3 in value.
It’s free so not to be sniffed at :smiley:

I got direct line and me mate got caterpillar he over the moon am gutted

One of my referrals got a higher value share than me too :cry:

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One of my three shares been revealed. Edinburgh Dragon at £4. Just waiting for my other two now.

When I signed my missus up she also got a better share than me two am just unlucky me.

Got tesco

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Under Amour so far. :smiley: just waiting on the other one.

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Today’s haul :hatching_chick: much love :freetrade: & I know you’ll optimise this as best as possible @Viktor :balance_scale:

Also @Aidan you didn’t need say what you got… care to share?


I got Greencore (£2.03) and my referral got Non-Standard Finance (33p). I was somewhat disappointed with mine but I’m downright embarrassed about theirs. “Remember that time you earned me a 33p share” will go on forever. I won’t be doing that again.


i got Kier group £1.03 and UK Property ETF £5.33 sent my friend a link and he got Whitbread £40.77
but my UK Property ETF i got day before ex-dividend date :wink:

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Are the freebies allocated based on a users investment total?
Are the shares allocated manually ?

I got Card Factory at £1.53, and my referral got Halfords which is a super cool bonus!

AVI Global
FTSE 100
Kier Group

not too bad :smiley:

RBS this week.

Talk Talk :frowning:

MoneySuper :rofl: it’s Free

I just reviewed the list of eligible free shares and Non-Standard Finance is literally the lowest value share. So I guess my referral should be grateful for that floor…

I got Barratt worth £6.24, thought more people were getting higher stocks but it seems that most got very similar valued stocks.

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