Naked Wines 🍷- WINE

This is a firm that supplies various wines throughout the UK. Customers have the option to purchase by the caseload or individually.

I came across this in the Guardian when researching the stock!

I decided not to invest for now. The earnings are projected to grow 12.98% per year, but at 3.44X price to book ratio, I don’t think my investments will grow much.

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I think this was a good play if you made it at the start of lockdown- fail to see it maintaining this rate of growth long term.

What’s going on with this stock lately? No RNS, but after weeks of stability it has started to yo-yo like a meme stock!

Could be more people going out as pubs, bars and restaurants have opened again.

I would imagine all companies like this will take a hit :see_no_evil: until the next lock down lol :mask:

Naked Wines found success during the pandemic, much like many other pure-play ecommerce firms during the same period.

Since then, marketing and freight costs have climbed fast. In the company’s full year results in June it said it had spent £41 million on acquiring new customers.

However the new customers only spent £34 million.

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