Neeva Search

Founded by a team of ex-alphabet staff including former heads of Chrome, YouTube ads & Google’s Adverting business they have some serious management heft in this field.

Neeva aims to rethink the relationship with how we search for thinks. Not being reliant on adverting revenues Neeva can not only search the internet but can also be used to search your own private data without worrying about who’s looking.

Long-form Interview with the founder from January 2021 on the brilliant Danny in the Balley podcast from The Times.

Interview with Prof G -

Neeva launches in the UK tomorrow this begs the question -

Would you pay £5 for an ad-free reimagining search engine?

Should Google be in any way concerned?


Is it £5 for life or per year? If the former, then it seems really good value as long as the search works well.

It’s £5 a month for premium, they have a free version. I’ll start with the free one and see how I get on. Google is terrible at finding what you actually want.

Neeva rely on Bing under the hood. Unsure if that’s worth paying a fiver monthly for. Neeva also collect a ton of data. The cookie consent box and their mobile app banner take up way too much space.

If memory serves correct, then Brave Search is the only new entrant that actually indexes themselves. Brave let’s you proxy Google search through it as well.

Talking of which, Start Page which relies on Google Search is also worth a look. No cookies, or cookie banners.

Ecosia which is a B-Corp is also worth a look. They plant trees when you search. Ecosia uses Bing under the hood.

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I like how they took the common Google hack of suffixing a query with ‘reddit’ for better results and made a button for it.

I think this (trustless web) is a big issue, but its more of a web issue than a Google search issue in my mind.

I tried some searches and it seems to go too far in removing the corporate promoted links. Like if I search a product name like iphone 14’ I don’t get any links to Apple or 3rd party reviews instead I mostly just get rumours from before it launched which are basically irrelevant now. Maybe this is a timing thing because reviews are only just dropping.

I can’t see myself using this because it doesn’t actually address the main privacy concern I have with Google (and most of tech) - that this data is still available to the state.


@Cameron you seem to be on top of this. My fav engine for some time now has been DuckDuckGo. I am really interested to know what you think about it.

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I don’t use it but I do think their privacy approach is best - no logging means there’s no personal data stored (encrypted or otherwise).

Sadly I don’t think their results are as good as Google nor more trustworthy in general.

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DuckDuckGo relies on Bing as well, although they do some indepedent crawling/indexing as well.

If you want no logging then the best I’ve found is StartPage, they offer an anonymous view as well which proxies the website for you.

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Thankyou for this.

According to Sources | DuckDuckGo Help Pages DuckDuckGo uses many different sources including Bing.