New member giving FT a spin

Hi. I’ve been trading on another platform a while and curiosity lead me to look at other options.
I was considering taking up another account for a bit of separate day trading. Unfortunately that activity looks to be restricted on here as the low cap stock isn’t easy to find, no search by cost I can see. Plus the AIM market is locked into the paid membership.
Does anyone else here manage to day trade? How do you find the way around it?

FreeTrade is for investing, not for day trading. They say as much on the website.

I’d say if you’re looking to daytrade, do it elsewhere.


I would also suggest looking elsewhere. I use Trading 212 because they have OTC Markets listings and make deposits seem instant. Having multiple broker accounts is a good idea and different brokers can serve different purposes. That’s not a knock on Freetrade. I just use it for a different purpose.


Going into rhyme there! :laughing:

Yes I’ve decided to keep the FT account for another purpose. I’ll run a few EFFs from it.
I do understand the ‘for investing’ comment, I wouldn’t disagree. I also use T212 and their OTC offerings but the execution of AIM listings are dreadful. That’s what I was hoping to better here. As said it’s locked in premium membership though. What are the AIM executions like here?

Better, they don’t sit unfilled for days and the prices update properly. You’re more likely to get rejected if you try to buy large amounts but you can chunk it. I think you have got it right using the other for OTC and day trading, and FT for ETFs, I think a lot of people do similar.

Also, did you see @doddsie twitter? :joy:

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Can someone please confirm I’ve got this right on FT:
No pies and no fractional shares?

I’m also not seeing how you can link up an additional funding source other than the bank you signed up with. On a forum search it suggested you can edit fund details but I don’t see an option to do that.

There are not pies available on the app at the moment. Fractional shares are available but only for US stocks currently. UK fractional shares are in the pipeline.

Regarding AIM shares, I have plus and haven’t had an issue. On occasion I have to try and place the order a couple of times but that is just due to lack of liquidity on the AIM marketplace and FT trying to secure the best price possible.

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Thanks that is interesting to know.
The majority of low caps and penny stocks are premium I see. I do wonder how they grade share as premium or not? Take this example:
Marks and Spencer’s - regular membership
Card Factory - premium membership

What on earth is the rhyme or reason for that? Both well known UK retailers who are struggling through the recovery. Both probably going to survive in the long run.

These are the criteria, it’s not chosen individually by freetrade.

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Gotcha ok. Probably could have seen that myself but didn’t look! :roll_eyes:

Does beg the question if £9.99 a month is good value for an average user not trading much volume. Especially considering most of the other stock is available free on other non commission platforms.

I’d say if your sure you wont need an ISA due to small volumes you are correct but I guess many will get the investment bug after joining and soon realise they want the full package:)

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I think PLUS is mostly for the options like stop loss orders etc and for those who want to dump 4k in the account for the interest.

For anyone else, I think the ISA as a minimum is good value in the long run. Frees you from having to think about the taxes and all that.

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I looked at the ISA but without pie options and fractional splits it’s not working for me.

I am curious about the plus membership. If I was to sign up for it and buy plus only shares what would happen to those if I then decided not to continue with plus? I’m assuming nothing, you’ll hold them until you sell as you can’t be make to sell your holdings?
Any thoughts?

Correct, you would continue to be able to hold or sell, but not buy any more unless you signed back up for Plus.

Cheers, just as suspected

Also to note; if you sign up for plus, then cancel, you can’t rejoin for 3 months

They are actively working on an autopilot feature similar to pies and can expect it at some point this year.

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