Started investing with FT

wasn’t sure to post in general or freetrade chat.

I started investing last year with T212 and in December I withdrew all my money to buy a car. I did open a freetrade account same time as T212 but didn’t use it.

This year with all the things that has happened with regard to new fees, outages, lack of transparency and communication. Also lying to there customers I have lost trust in them and when it comes to money, you should trust the company you use.

So I have started using freetrade as they seem to have better, communication and transparency with customers. Also I have noticed that with regard to buying stocks its doesn’t need to be less than 95% of your available funds.

Yes T212 might have more features but I rarely used them anyway.
Interested to see how freetrade changes in the future.


Welcome to the community Terry :wave: Happy to see you’ve started using Freetrade! If you have any questions about using the app feel free to ask and happy investing!


Welcome to the forum, @Terry20 :wave:


Welcome :wave:.

I only ever used Trading212 for stocks that weren’t available on Freetrade, but that need is reducing now.

Personally I’m excited about the Freetrade SIPP, but I know everyone has their own qualities they look for in a broker.

Good luck, see you around. Hope it works out :call_me_hand:

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Welcome @Terry20 :wave: