New small cap stocks

Haya all!

I have had a quick scan through the forum and looked at the road map, but was wondering if there are plans to add more small cap stocks in the near future?


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I imagine there is! Who have you got your eye on?

No specific company ( laziness on my part, just haven’t had the time to do the research haha) however, 2020 is set to be a good year in the tech industry by all accounts, we should start seeing quantum computers coming into play, which will help AI, pharmaceuticals etc, also the green industry is also really taking off, so it’s more of a guess really but I think that a lot of small companies are about to start making some noise, kinda want to get in now before they get brought out by the larger companies haha

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With that broad mindset you should invest in small cap etfs not individual stocks.

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Or investment trusts if you prefer an active approach to small caps.