New Tax Year - What Are Your Plans?

The new tax year is almost here. For those that have been lucky enough to max out their ISA…
What are your next plans?

More cash into Freetrade?

Another ISA provider?

Bed & ISA?

Other options I’ve not thought off?

Personally, I’m doing Bed & ISA (GIA to ISA). But I’m still deciding on where my ‘New’ ISA should lay…

I would also like to ask, those that may know, if there is any notable uplift in S/S’s early April?


The UK equity markets are so large you’re not likely to see any noticeable movements outside of the macro trends that are effecting the whole market.

I’m missing out of the new tax year fun, other than the joyful self assessment, as I need all the money I can get to move house - Fun!


More or less same as you. Considering Bed&Isa my current Freetrade GIA, in more or less the same setup I have now in terms of stock distribution.

My other consideration is to carry on with my Vanguard ISA and stick next year’s allowance into a mix of US Equity, S&P 500, and a global index fund.

I’ll probably go with the latter, as I’m not likely to threaten my CGT allowance with my Freetrade GIA cos they’re mainly ‘cautious’ stocks with hopes for reasonable dividend income (for reinvestment = compounding effect). I can always Bed&ISA that in future years, when I won’t have as much disposable cash as I have now.

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Regular investments of ~£550 per month:

I always buy 1 VWRL + 2 IUSA.

This year I am looking to increase holdings in cybersecurity and property (through REITS).

I’ll also be looking to increase holdings of large stable companies who are well protected against inflation (big money moats etc) - Unilever, Utility Companies, P&G, etc.

And, reliable dividend payers…

Basically looking for stability with the current volatility.


I’m very much hoping to be able to switch my Lisa to Freetrade in the next financial year. If so, I’ll move my holdings from mutual funds to individual stocks.

Other than that I plan to continue investing in SMT, MNKS and EWI within my Sipp at a 3:2:1 ratio.


I plan on putting £20k cash into my ISA in April just waiting for the new tax year!


Yeah, Im thinking along the same lines as you. I have GIA on Freetrade & Vanguard. I think the sensible option would be to open a Vanguard ISA & Bed from GIA into the US Equity Index :smiling_face:


Move to a provider who gives a Tax Certificate so I don’t need to go through this hell again.


My cunning plan is similar to last year - shovel some cash in, make some ill advised investment choices and then try and recoup it the year after :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Or the year after that.