New user to Freetrade and a few issues

So I’m new to Freetrade and struggling with the following:

  • I can’t log in on my PC, only on the App. When I go to the internet browser I can add my email address, it sends me a verification message that I follow but that takes me to a screen where it is advertising the PRO account only and I can’t get beyond that. Can I just check that it’s not app only?

  • I’m also looking to switch to Freetrade (as long as it isn’t proving a pain!) from another ISA provider. How do I do this?

Thanks so much

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Hi @DJH, welcome to the forum :wave:

You can absolutely transfer your ISA over. Just fill out the short form here and we’ll do the rest: Transfer stocks and shares ISA - How to transfer ISA to Freetrade

In terms of web login, for now, the beta of Freetrade Web is for Plus members only. We plan to bring this to more customers in future.

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Welcome to the community :wave:

When did you join the good ship Freetrade?

The ISA transfer is pretty smooth, mine went through easily.

Hi Dave,
Yeah, it’s app only for now, but the app is really easy to use and they’re working on a web version for the rest of us once the Plus peeps get a beta-play with it.

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ISA transfer was a breeze for me, would certainly recommend.

Okay thanks so much. It was confusing me that’s all. I’ve filled in the transfer now so should be good.

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