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Hi. I’d like to request the addition of the NASDAQ listed Nikola Motor Company (NKLA), a Hydrogen-Electric truck manufacturer startup with a large seed fund and healthy sounding order book behind them. Their product prototypes so far displayed include long haul hydrogen-electric hybrid semi truck tractor units, both US and European style, and a hydrogen-electric pickup truck. Rumours also circulated of an electric short haul truck. They are due to partner with Iveco for initial production runs prior to getting their Arizona factory online. Source: Now You Know channel, Youtube.

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This sound like a great addition to my growing list of Hydrogen Fuel Cell investments.
They will perform well in the coming years regardless of the Covid-19 impact.
In fact I think Covid-19 will stimulate a green energy focus during the recovery

Any chance we can get this added in the next batch of stocks.


100% agree. Hope this is high on the list for inclusion ASAP!!

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Can this be added before it blows up and we miss the boat? :pleading_face::pleading_face::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Get onto this thread and cast your vote!


It closed yesterday at 73 and was at 89 after market. Valuation is close to 20bn now not the 1.5bn it might show on some finance apps. Are you buying to sell higher tomorrow or do you think the valuation is justified?

I was going to buy this 20-28 when it was VTIQ but held off as it was overvalued as it should have been about $10-15 and was expecting a correction.

$73.50 is insane, even half that is insane imo.

The problem for me is it’s being pumped by fans in the same way as Tesla, however NKLA is nowhere in comparison.

It’s like comparing a pea to bowling ball. It should be dumping next but it probably won’t :laughing:

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SPAC’s have done and are doing very well right now. On the Beyond Meat thread I mentioned FMCI who have signed a letter of intent to acquire a plant based food company. There is speculation it may be impossible foods, if it is, I would expect a similar run up to VectoIQ/Nikola.

We’re on it, yes.


What would be required to add a stock when it IPOs, so that it is live at the same time as other brokers? A lot of action happens right at the market open.

I’m a bit worried about this company. Does Tesla not enough to be a giant black hole of cash now we have another giant black hole for cash.
They don’t forecast any revenue, the owner is a guy who doesn’t like finishing things, he spends money like there’s no tomorrow and nobody ever got a Nikola truck out for a spin, piled 80ton of lumber on the back and drow to the other town.
No infrastructure to support these vehicles and no service infrastructure.
Otherwise it looks like a great pump that’s right.

Can you consider adding the above.

Can you tell us about the stock?

There is already a request for this

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Nikola started traded on the Nasdaq on Thursday. Its a electric and hydrogen powered automaker. It was founded by serial entrepreneur Trevor Milton. Nikola partners closely with truck manufacturers and essentially gets paid for its R&D prowess on battery technology and design. Nikola then leases semis and the service — to companies. I summarised this from Yahoo Finance the following is a direct extract.

Nikola plans to have its first electric-powered semi-truck out on the market in 2021 (likely before Tesla’s Semi) with hydrogen-powered options following in 2023. Its first round of charging stations will debut in California next year. The company has lost close to $200 million since inception. But, Milton tells Yahoo Finance orders are far more than the most recent disclosure of 14,000 valued at $10 billion.

“We stopped taking orders for a period of time. Ultimately what happened fleets were told the trucks were going to be five years out. That’s too far to plan. Once we hit about $10 billion in orders, we were making people mad. If we were to open all those orders’ books up right now with all the people that have said hey, we want these trucks, you would see a much, much, much higher number than that,” Milton added.

Hello I hope this hasn’t be requested yet :wink: Company it’s VTIQ and soon will be renamed to NKLA representing Nikola Motors. If someone can let us know when will be available In Freetrade :wink:

Thank you

Hopefully this can be added before the merger.

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I wish as well stock prices is climbing atm. Trader212 is have it but I prefer Freetrade as a design and simplicity. Will be awesome if I can invest In Nikola

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Up 104.91% at the moment :slight_smile:

I suspect an initial crash will happen on the merge completion followed by growth again. It would be nice to get this one added to the ISA portfolio.