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I’m very encouraged by hydrogen technology and as fuel, I hope this gets added

Yes, I would love to see this added!

I’d really like to have Nikola as an option!!!

Updated exchange ticker this morning, NKLA. Big moment for this company

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Didn’t see this tread before posting in the other one. Derp

+1 on having Nikola on ticker. It is future stock.

VECTOIQ ACQUISI/SH (VTIQ) Vanquish Acquisition has bought a company called Nikola Motor Company competition one day soon for TESLA Motors!!!

One the merger is complete this company will trade under the ticker symbol NKLA

The Company deals in electric vehicle’s, power and EV motor sports, using a mix of Hydrogen and Electric power.

There could be some amazing upside potential after this market fluctuation, has come back to normality.

Happy Investing

SO VTIQ have merged with Nikoli, resulting shares will be called NKLA - its currently unclear if it will be a 1 to 1 conversion or more or less. Buyings a gamble right now, but could be a winner with luck

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Based on the tone of the post, this might be the kind of “investment opportunity” that makes regular people think that investing is glorified gambling.


I read it in this style:

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My thoughts exactly.

But either way I would be willing to take that gamble. At the current price even if they saw 1/4 of TESLA’s current value I would be a happy man indeed.

Good luck

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Lol made me laugh.

My first post/ request on here.

In all honesty I’ve been following the merger, and I am extremely excited. There is a space for all things electrically driven at the moment with the larger motor and GM companies struggling, and with no real evidence of proper EV technology I believe companies like NIKOLA could swipe up pieces of that market no trouble, plus the Badger looks epic.

They have a good looking brand and as we all know, that’s half the battle.

Good luck mate.


Haha, I’m inclined to agree…+1 vote from me for enthusiasm. welcome to the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make this available as soon as possible this is defiantly next Tesla. Thank you

How do we Rank up number of votes on this guys? we definitely need this to be added

165% increase in price (at time of writing) since the original post. Glad I read it then bought after doing some research :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! Deffo more to come where that came from!!

Hurry up free trade! Get it on already lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: