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Really is a case of “fake it, until ya make it”! :rofl:

open up engine bay and theres a hamster in a wheel powering the electric motor! lol


There will be a documentary on Netflix about this one day


Yes! It can join WeWork and Theranos in the hall of shame.

The Cold Fusion channel on Netflix has covered both and they’re worth a watch - lazy links


Instead of “Fyre Festival: The greatest party that never happened”:

Tyre: The Car that Never Delivered :rofl:


CEO resigned


Trevor has resigned as Executive Chairman

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:)))))))))))))))))) Would not be suprised to see the stock in the green in a few days / weeks from today’s low. Spread this among junior / new retail investors and they will push the stock to the Jp Morgan’s target

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Even r/wallstreetbets don’t want anything to do with Nikola! It’s the top post on that sub at the moment and they’re tearing it apart with their usual grace and style.

Basically get new people to invest so they can sell and not touch it again…


This whole saga is amazing.


What baffles me the most is how far Nikola has actually managed to get before things started to be uncovered.


I really don’t know why your surprised. It’s just another Theranos. I was hearing from about June that Trevor was constantly contradicting himself about every element of the business. He even at one stage announced there batteries had much better energy density than anything else on the market. It’s hard to keep up but now I think their batteries are being manufactured by a 3rd party.

Wall Street incentives are to buy up portions of private businesses, help that business to be floated on the stock exchange with least regulatory oversight which is via a SPAC, hype the stock big time and sell it to all the fools who believe them.

This company has no revenue, this company has no products for sale. This company more than likely doesn’t have a working prototype. The only thing this company has is Iveco trucks that have been retro fitted to run on hydrogen and it’s not clear they work either!

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You’ve just answered why I’m surprised. You’d think the people that put a lot of money into a stock would research it even a little. This company doesn’t even have a production facility or any hydrogen infrastructure. On top of that anyone claiming a big breakthrough in battery technology without any credentials should most likely be ignored.


I feel like they were fairly honest and upfront about not having anything but an idea. That has been a known fact and not particularly hard to research for ages now. :sweat_smile:
Nothing like Theranos fortunately.

Are you having a laugh they had a demo of truck driving which any reasonable person would assume was driven under its own power.

After the Hindenburg report it was found out the truck was not powered by itself and was rolling downhill hill powered by gravity. Nikola admitted that, it’s definitely not honest. Trevor kept saying they were building everything in house totally all Nikola intellectual property it turns out they were outsourcing everything. Again not honest about how they were making there trucks.


One of my favourite snippets from this whole debacle, a quote by Nikola Motor Company CEO Trevor Milton…

“The entire infotainment system is a HTML 5 super computer,” Milton said. “That’s the standard language for computer programmers around the world, so using it let’s us build our own chips. And HTML 5 is very secure. Every component is linked on the data network, all speaking the same language. It’s not a bunch of separate systems that somehow still manage to communicate.” [Source]

I’m not sure how tech savvy you have to be to understand that he’s just vomiting words here, but suffice to say it’s quite impressive how much nonsense he managed to cram into 4 sentences.


Ha, he sounds almost Trump like in his willingness to offer opinions on things he obviously doesn’t understand :rofl:

HTLM 5?! That’s some high tech right there. I’m waiting for them to announce the use of PHP now.