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Oakley Capital Investments allows exposure to a consistently returning private equity fund. I’m expecting PE and alts in general to outperform traditional asset classes so can we get this stock included?

Hi there,

Yes it would be great if we could please consider adding Oakley indeed, decent discount to nav and some interesting investment themes that could be valuable and complementary if added in addition to the other pe trusts already available on the platform.


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Hi @Alex_B this was changed to a stock discussion on 15th November bit it’s not arrived in app. Do you know if there is a problem? Cc @Rajan07

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Any update to add this UK stock eventually given the recent flow of news for EU stock additions?


Hi @NeilB @PrudentRabbit @ysibre,

Thanks for your patience - Oakley Capital is now live on your app!


Thanks! :pray:

Amazing thanks Alex!