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Oakley Capital Investments (“OCI”) is a Specialist Fund Segment listed investment vehicle that provides shareholders with consistent long-term returns in excess of the FTSE All-Share by providing exposure to private equity returns, where value can be created through market growth, consolidation and performance improvement.

Through its investments in the Oakley Capital Funds, OCI enables shareholders to share in the growth and performance of a portfolio of European-based companies across Technology, Consumer and Education sectors. Oakley benefits from a differentiated model of private equity investing with a primary focus on buy-out opportunities in software, tech-enabled services and digital platforms. This unique approach has created a high-quality underlying portfolio with businesses averaging 25-30% earnings growth, which in turn drives market-leading and consistent returns for shareholders, resulting in a 10-year total shareholder return of 112% versus FTSE All-Share of 72%.

Oakley brings to the Company a team of experienced investment and operational professionals who work with portfolio management teams to create value for shareholders. Following the launch of its first private fund in 2007, Oakley now has €4.0 billion of assets under management across four funds, which to date have generated a net IRR of 25%. It has demonstrated a repeated ability to source attractive growth assets at attractive prices. To do this it relies on its sector and regional expertise, its ability to tackle transaction complexity and its deal generating entrepreneur network. This network has grown through repeated partnerships with successful business founders, who themselves invest in the Oakley Funds and continue to bring opportunities to the group.

SOURCE: https://www.londonstockexchange.com/…

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