Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust

The Company’s investment objective is to provide investors with an attractive and sustainable level of income returns, with an element of capital growth, by investing in a diversified portfolio of Renewable Energy Assets in Europe and Australia.

Investment policy

The Company intends to invest both in a geographically and technologically diversified spread of Renewable Energy Assets and, over the long term, it is expected that:

  • investments located in the UK will represent less than 50% of Gross Asset Value;
  • investments in any single country other than the UK will represent no more than 40% of Gross Asset Value;
  • investment in onshore wind farms will not exceed 60% of Gross Asset Value; and
  • investment in solar PV parks will not exceed 60% of Gross Asset Value.

The Company may acquire a mix of controlling and non-controlling interests in renewable energy assets and may use a range of investment instruments in the pursuit of its investment objective, including but not limited to equity and debt investments. A controlling interest is one where the Company’s equity interest in the renewable energy assets is in excess of 50%.

KID at https://octopusrenewablesinfrastructure.com/document-library/kid/

Annual costs are 1.8%. Compared to 1.6% at TRIG, and 2.03% at UKW.


Great to see another renewable power investment opportunity. I like these because the fuel is free!

Any ideas when this will be added?

I’ve just joined octopus as an electric customer and was reading about them on https://renews.biz/61405/octopus-primed-for-333mw-acquisition-spree/

They have a range of investment products like trusts, savings and lending. Www.octopusinvestments.com I’d be very happy to buy some shares.

You unfortunately can’t buy shares since Octopus Group is a private company. This thread only refers to shares in their renewable energy fund.

I think they had an IPO last year? I’m not sure.

No. I used to work there. There are no plans to go public in general.

Ok the ipo was for this trust. That’s fine, I thought I’d done something wrong for a minute https://www.asktraders.com/analysis/octopus-renewables-plans-250m-ipo-and-london-listing/

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