Open sell positions

So I know FT is more of an investment tool rather than a trading tool but the name itself somewhat implies that it’s a trading tool.

Personally I think being able to open a sell position as well as just buying stocks would be so useful and bring in much more traffic for FT.

I know that opening a sell position isn’t always seen as investing but I beg to differ. It’s exactly the same as investing in the future of a stock and I can’t be alone in thinking this should be s feature in development.

With Plus you can create Limit Orders to sell when a price reaches your marker.

Think he means taking a short position. in the Spreadbetting and CFD world you open a sell position to go short. Don’t think it’s gonna happen in FT


Ah OK, you might well be right there Dave…

Apologies guys! Yeah I was talking about shorting stock (still pretty new to all this) I have been looking and I think it would be a good feature to add to FT in the future.

Seriously doubt this will happen. Having open-ended loss possibilities is just nothing you should have on an investment platform for non-professionals.


It adds extra complexity as well, because your account can potentially go negative so you are trading on margin. It’s not like unleveraged buying where the worst that can happen is it goes to zero.

This would make Freetrade into a lender, which I guess would add extra regulatory complexity.

Also as Freetrade is a real stockbroker rather than CFDs they would need to let you borrow real shares to sell which I reckon would not be easy on small retail investor scales