Pre Marketing Trading

I would like to have the ability of pre and post market trading within my FT accounts. Can we have an update from the development team to discover if it is on the roadmap? If anyone else would benefit, would you please add your support to this post. Thank you.

An expensive way to lose money quicker :rofl:


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I think there are a few threads calling for pre- and post-market trading, so they could do with merging.

Freetrade’s intermediary, DriveWealth, does offer extended hours so it may be possible in future.

I don’t think it’s high on FT’s priorities though and it could be deemed too much of a trading-type feature.

It’s important to note that extended hours trading is not suitable for many investors. You risk lower liquidity, wider spreads, higher volatility etc.


Dumb question, but why would you lose money quicker?

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Well I was being somewhat tongue in cheek but out of normal market hours the spread is bigger, so effectively you are paying more.

The upside is if you have some breaking news before the market does it could be worth it. But in most cases not.

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