OTC markets

Hi, are OTC markets ever going to supported by Freetrade?

There is a massive spike in people wanting to trade them and the only brokers that allow UK access are trading 212 (they have a waiting list they are that overloaded with applications) and interactive brokers (it’s a $2000 min to open account)

Not sure that you can claim this is the reason as they have not taken on in bloody ages!!! It may be called a list but seems more like not taking any on but in case leave your details. :joy:

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The stock request category is specifically for a given stock. It is not for asking for a given exchange or group of stocks.

This is not the reason T212 suspended sign up over 6 months ago. They have their own issues including a cash injection from the founders, despite claiming to be profitable, and issues around how your holdings are not separated from theirs.

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DriveWealth are FT partner for US stocks, until DW support OTC markets you’ll not find them here I’m afraid.


It doesn’t really matter the reason :woman_shrugging:t3: It’s just annoying I can’t open an account

Oh well, al keep an eye on them. I will have to use IBKR for now

Yes, sorry, I do know this but I couldn’t find the correct area to post it. Doesn’t matter now anyway as they don’t do OTC or penny stocks

The FT platform has long term wealth building at its heart, swing trading on an oil company with 8 employees is not what FT is for.

If you think you’re smarter than professional investors with inside knowledge and high frequency traders then good luck to you. In the long run the majority of day / swing traders will loose money.


Welcome to FT, @Charlieo86 T212 stopped taking new investors from 02/02/21. That’s why there is a waiting list. Good luck with that.
T212 lend out investors shares for short trading. I wouldn’t be happy with that.
I doubt OTC markets will be on FT.

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