Not available in the US

Hey there, I am aware that Freetrade is UK based, but I hoped I, a US citizen, would be able to use it. But the app on Google play is not available in the US. Anyone else thinking about using in the US?

Dont know how many Americans use this forum but aren’t there plenty of brokages in the US already such as Robinhood and M1 finance

That is also a fair point, I just came from the Colinfurze ad and was very interested, but I will definitely look at my US options. I just assumed that since there was an exchange system in place that it would be available in more places

There is a thread about making it available to US citizens over here

Adam has said eventually he wants it available world wide, but I thing that’s a long way down the line

Are you based in the UK or US as the app requires you to have a national issuance number

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