Our company stack 🔨


So it’s pretty cool when companies talk about their tech stacks etc, but we thought it’d be interesting to dive into our general company stack: the tools the whole team uses to work fast and happy :smile:

Since we’re always looking at new tools and services, this will likely be a living post. If you have any recommendations, we want to hear them too!


Anyone who knows me has heard me say this far too much now (sorry) but I can’t recommend Notion enough. As well as being a great tool for wikis, if you use an app at the moment like Trello, write notes or keep to-do lists (ideally all three) then you should definitely check it out :heart_eyes:


How’d you find Notion? It’s great.


So Freetrade had already started using Notion before I found joined but it was @Avishai who recommended it to me first :raised_hands:


Cool. It’s one of those apps that is really good but I rarely, if ever, see it mentioned.


I use the free version on my phone, but I think it’s quite limited on this platform and I’m itching to move to a desktop ver for proper writing. I use it to keep track or reading lists at the moment but I’d really like extensive tagging/ notes on it which is way too fiddly on a dinky little screen.


I’m interested in the choice / usage of Notion alongside other things in the stack that it purportedly replaces e.g. jira, trello, etc. I’m guessing because they are more focussed and better at what they do.

Is SendGrid linked to MailChimp? Ever thought of using Mandrill from the same team?

I think that Jira probably is better for it’s specific use case but I’m not so sure about Trello. I’m going to be testing both & we’ll see whether it makes sense to switch.

The advantage of using Notion’s Kanban boards is that you’re able to keep your notes in the same place as your tasks. I’ve found that Trello’s not so good for managing the former & also, that Notion’s more flexible in general. I’m guessing that they just have the benefit of being much newer, with less technical debt than an app like Trello.

Having said that, Notion doesn’t have the same integrations with 3rd party apps that Trello does so it’s not completely clear which is best.


Apt analysis!

I do like Trello actually because it’s quite info light. It’s very good for a top level view of progress or personal task management.

Basically projects where individuals already know the specifics of what they need to do and the visibility needs to be on lots of tasks moving from ‘haven’t started’ to ‘in process’ to ‘done’.


I have to point out that I really loved getting the insight of seeing what really makes things continue to go on day to day bases! Thank you :slight_smile:


How about data platform? Do we use AWS redshift or Azure/SQLServer etc? Also, how much data are we generating (excluding web data) per day? I am very much interested to find any BI or data engineer role :slight_smile: but I don’t find anything atm, but I ll keep checking.


Hi there! The platform runs on Firebase in Google Cloud Platform, using NoSQL stores like Firebase’s realtime database and Google Firestore, and Google Cloud Functions. We don’t currently have any BI roles open, but please feel free to send your details to the email address here: https://freetrade-limited.workable.com/


Some more details on the stack in the latest blog post:


Love these kind of posts. I’m a DevOps Consultant and would love to hear about the engineering side more. (Hopefully users of Kubernetes too, but I digress :wink:)