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It’s down in pre market again.

But another demo day soon… so we’ll see !!

Might be a long time before we see it to $40 again

70% of all stock today are down so dont worry to much. Nothing changed within palantir

Really depends on your definition of long time I guess. I think 3-6 months realistically.

If they keep picking up big name clients like they have the last 2 months I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at $50 by end of year.

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Agreed. I’m down on this one, but confident it will come back well. Might take a while, but I’m in no rush.

Would be very suprised to see this at 50$ or even 45$ In 2021.

But they seem to be growing fast, and everyone says great things about them, so hopefully

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a day or two they released demo about their new software that comes from the partnership with IBM.
I have made a video about it that includes the full demo if anyone wants to have a look :

I think they will do very well concidering this should save companies money and increase the revenue, its just no brainer


If it goes down to $18 then I’m in!

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I have a similar entry point set :crossed_fingers:

Palantir Double Click Demo day

The video starts at around 1 min


Down 6.77% after the demo. FFS, what did they show?!


video is just above. Not sure why the price keeps going down, i woudn’t worry about it if you invested for long term. On level 2 data there was some interesting sales and blocks, 150k shares sale block and a lot of 6-7k on both sides buy sell :smiley:

What of if the price stay at $23? Some people are expecting the price to hit $33 by 2022. The stock is a little volatile.


The U.S. Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center’s Cross-Mission Ground & Communications Enterprise (ECX) has awarded a firm-fixed price contract totaling $32.5 million, to Palantir USG Inc on April 30, 2021.



already down to $16 pre-market :upside_down_face:

It’s slightly up in regular hours. Guessing it’s volatile because it’s in the meme stock basket.

I put in a triggered order at $17.50 as I didn’t think it would go lower than that :grimacing: could have got it cheaper. Nice to see it rise a little again

3 Reasons to avoid Palantir.

Sounds like someone who was paid to write a hit piece because they don’t understand the company.