Palantir - PLTR - Share Chat

Interesting to see what the share price does today after the lockup ends, if it goes down again, it will be a pretty huge weekly dip, and I might buy in again

If it dips again today I’ll be buying in even more. I don’t think it will though. Cathie/Ark have been buying almost every other day this month, I see that as a very strong sign for its future.


I have just read a news article on my Google feed informing me that Palantir ‘replaces Gamestop as Wallstreetbets’ top interest’ so this could get interesting later. I am only hearing and reading good things about this stock but I may of course be in an echo (echo) chamber.


Well it’s up 11.5% right now, pretty volatile as expected…

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It’s a steal. This is a keeper for the next 5 years. Watch this space. $pltr​:rocket::rocket::rocket:



Palantir is trying its best to stop the onslaught in my portfolio today


If some of you still don’t understand what the company have a look at this video where they presented products foundry apollo and gotham.


This is the old demo, they just announced a new one the 14th April

That’s true but i recently myself just saw it. Waiting for 14th april for sure to see if i need to put more money into this

It’s a long hold this stock, buy now while it’s low. Anything under 25$ is a steal. I’ve been loading up in this for the last month.


The last price spike, when it hit $40 a share, was in the run up and just after the last demo day. A lot of people was impressed with what they saw.

Alex Karp, the CEO did an interesting interview yesterday if anyone is interested. I’m actually a lot more interested in this company now after hearing his opinions on some things and the company culture.

It’s down in pre market again.

But another demo day soon… so we’ll see !!

Might be a long time before we see it to $40 again

70% of all stock today are down so dont worry to much. Nothing changed within palantir

Really depends on your definition of long time I guess. I think 3-6 months realistically.

If they keep picking up big name clients like they have the last 2 months I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at $50 by end of year.

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Agreed. I’m down on this one, but confident it will come back well. Might take a while, but I’m in no rush.

Would be very suprised to see this at 50$ or even 45$ In 2021.

But they seem to be growing fast, and everyone says great things about them, so hopefully

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a day or two they released demo about their new software that comes from the partnership with IBM.
I have made a video about it that includes the full demo if anyone wants to have a look :

I think they will do very well concidering this should save companies money and increase the revenue, its just no brainer


If it goes down to $18 then I’m in!

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