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Just means we get a discount on the share price for longer :money_mouth_face:

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So they juiced the books by investing in SPAC’s who will in return use their services and they’ll still blow over $100m in losses?

Given the swing from +$50m to -$100m it not unreasonable to assume this is still loss making in 2024 - it’ll be old enough to legally drink in the US and drowns it’s own sorrows.

When the book is written on the post Covid stock market crash there will be a chapter on Palantir - I doubt it’ll make for fun reading.

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Analysts seem to change their mind like the weather. Visionary or trying to talk the price down?

A more positive article on Palantir via SimplyWallSt:


I own both so that’s either super-good or super-bad.
Super-interesting either way :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting move into gold bullion


An interesting discussion. Mention of Palantir is towards the end of the video.

Dear me!


Just hope they’ve bothered to apply Least Privilege access to all that gold.


Credit: @TornikeLaghidze

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Plus Faraday Future…

Am I the only one who is concerned that a data company is now turning its self into some kind of a SPAC investment vehicle?

Wouldn’t they be better to focus on the core business?


I’m more concerned at what the possible ‘Black Swan’ event might be that these investments and gold are meant to be a hedge against.


Nope. It looks extremely random.
Seems like they don’t know how to grow anymore and their IRR is getting low.

SPACs are not a hedge against anything. They’re literally cash + management costs.


oh dear god they gave money to babylon

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Some of those companies due to taken over by the SPAC’s have signed multi-year contracts for Palantir’s services, I would imagine they all have to some extent.

Potential to extend in future contracts with these companies once those contracts expire (since it takes time and resources to build such services in-house) and at the same time take advantage of any future growth in the companies as well.

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have signed multi-year contracts for Palantir’s services

That’s fine but if their software was that good they should be able to win over the target company without investing in them.

The author thinks gold is a poor transactional currency and ‘light’!

Physical gold is poor though isn’t it? The article states they need to give ‘reasonable notice’ to access it, then they’d have to sell it.

If they had treasury bonds their banker could sell them and have the money within the hour.

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