Passive Investors - ETF Portfolio Discussion

How much you weigh each ETF is also key. Overweighting a geographic area could throw your balance out, unless that is due to wanting further exposure to a particular market.

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I used to divvy it up but found it difficult to keep everything in balance without fractional shares. For example, I may want to add £300 one month but 6% of that won’t buy me one VJPN unit etc.

In the end, I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle – once you factor in ‘hidden fees’, it’s not much cheaper as shown in the table below which uses ballpark percentages. Interestingly, VEVE and VFEM is cheaper.



At the moment ive got vusa at about 40 percent the rest are near enough 10 percent each give or take thats probably a bit wrong?

Vusa 40 percent the rest give or take 10 percent(ish) need to tweak a little bit probably.

Interesting,nice clear breakdown,but are you getting everything you want out of the 2 rather than the first option?ie certain geographies or companies you like missing?

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Research Quarterly: Equities - SIFMA - Research Quarterly: Equities - SIFMA very helpful.thanks.

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40% and 10% isn’t too far off the mark I don’t think, you’d be over on the UK (5%ish) and Japan (5%) and under on Emerging Markets (-10%), relative to the percentages on that webpage (there will be other sources as well).
Maybe nudge a bit more to EM to get that China/India exposure and call it at that

As @rehpot points out many ways you can do this, I just didn’t want to push away from the research/effort you’d put in when generally speaking you’re on one of the right tracks :+1:

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You effectively achieve the same thing with whichever route. There will be a difference in the number of underlying shares but it should have marginal impact. Cost and your time are the main differentiators.

By making an active decision to veer from real-world weights, eg 10% in the UK rather than 3-4%, you could find that you underperform (or outperform) VWRL. To my mind, this is a problem because the goal of passive investing is surely to guarantee the same return as the broad market.

By the way, it’s worth noting that you’re missing Canada by going with VUSA over VNRT. It’s not an big deal in the grand scheme, the latter costs a little more and has underperformed the S&P500.


I started investing at a late age, just in january of this year, right at the top in time for the interest rate hike and im loving the red…
Then i jumped on oil right at the top after its two year run… im learning alot.
Then i invested in china stocks before the lockopens, now theres sporadic lockdowns, and downs.
Now im eyeing something else, and tempted just a little, to sell all my vuag and vwrp to get in on it.
Is this why etfs are meant to be in a sipp!.

So anyway does it seem reasonable to have 85% vuag and 15% vrwp?..

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Hi everyone, I’m wondering if any experienced investors out there would be able to critique my ETF/fund choice. I’m very new to ETF’s and I have a feeling I’m overlapping and probably missing some key areas. If anyone had time to comment I would appreciate it. Here is what I have:

VWRP - FTSE All World -Vanguard ~ 7.1%
INRG - Global Clean Energy - Ishares ~ 5.8%
IUSF- MSCI USA Size Ishares ~ 4.5%
EUXS - Europe ex-UK - Ishares ~ 3.8%
USA- BG US Growth ~ 3.8%
BRWM- World Mining- Black Rock ~ 2.5%
ECOG- E-commerce Logistics - Legal and General ~ 2.5%

I also have some companies that are like funds I think:
GROW- Molten Ventures ~ 2.8%
BRKB- Berkshire Hathaway ~ 2.5%
GRID- Gresham Energy ~ 2.3%

Thank you :blush:

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The relative weightings might help the community give some pertinent information around your choices

Your choices dont generally overlap much.
USA and BRWM are also companies that are essentially active funds.
IUSF has some top holdings that are also in USA and INRG but its a lot more diversified.

EUXS will overlap with VWRP. You’ve made a concious decision to buy EU ex UK equity because you believe it will outperform the global index?

BRWM and ECOM look tough sectors to be in during a recession yet could be fruitful in the long term


@J4ipod94 thank you for getting back to me, I’ve edited my post to include the percentage amounts that I have invested for each with my portfolio. EUXS hasn’t been performing that well so far and I was considering getting rid of it once it got back into the green. I’m also planning to add to some of these positions, so the weighting will change.

Glad to hear I don’t have much overlap and thanks for the pointers to the ETF thread. I plan to add a bit more tomorrow when paid and wanted to check I wasn’t missing anything before I put a lump sum in again.

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What made you choose VWRP over VWRL? Is it the accumulation over the distribution.

Yes I went for accumulating as I have been told that tends to be better longer term. I was weighing it up between them both, I actually was wondering today if I’m better going for a world fund with an ESG focus, I’m wanting my money to be used responsibility but then also want to make some money on my investment. Too much choice that’s the problem!

ESG might not always be the best thing


If interested in ESG please consider taking a look at

and discuss there.


Without going into the ESG topic, see @bitflip above, it’s worth remembering that with a passive fund you’re not trying to beat any market. As soon as you introduce a theme whether that be ESG or try to weigh your portfolio for different outcomes you divert from the original goal.


My current ETF holdings.


Just vuag and vwrp, i know theres overlap…

Wondering 9f i should invest in emerging markets

You could add an emerging markets ETF if you want to overweight those companies. However VWRP already includes emerging markets. What VWRP is missing is small cap stocks so I’ve been investing in WLDS to fill in that gap.

If you do decide on adding EMs then sticking with Vanguard and using VFEG would be a good choice as FTSE and MSCI include different countries in their EM classification.