Pay Commission, FX, and Stamp Duty using Credit/Debit Card instead of Account Funds

I hold an ISA with Freetrade. I recently added my debit card to my account to pay for the ISA fee of £3/month.

Taking the ISA fee from the card means it does not eat into my ISA allowance.

Now that you have my card details, why not take the Instant Trade Commission, FX, and Stamp Duty using the card? If users are buying UK companies, the stamp duty on the £20,000 annual ISA limit would be £100.

Perhaps a better option would be to make the ISA flexible?

If your card fails your trade would fail, which I believe is generally why cards aren’t used to pay these fees and instead rely on available cash.

A flexible isa would solve that I think as money paid to fees would count as money leaving the isa?

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Yeah, I didn’t even know Flexible ISAs were a thing for Shares ISAs. That’d be an even better solution.

Or an option to take the the commissions from cash in your basic account.

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If I remember right vanguard do this. It’s a good option as well.

The Freetrade ISA isn’t flexible last time I checked but there’s no reason that I’m aware of that it couldn’t be at some point.

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Does paying by debit card mean Freetrade will incurr processing fee? I guess for Freetrade, it would be a question of finding the balance between the cost Vs benefits in terms convenience for customers.

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