PEA for the French Market

The french version of ISA is called PEA, and there are currently 2 types of players offering them:

  • Banks: Their products are expensive, poor service is inexistent and there is a lot of paperwork involved
  • Neo-banks (like Boursorama): cheaper (but pricing is still complex with things monthly inactivity fees) and high minimums to really get access to good trading tools.
  • Degiro still hasn’t launched their PEA product and it has been years in the making…

–> There is a big opportunity by launching a cheap/transparently priced. It would allow you to capture high value clients (maximum amount on a PEA is 150K€) and become super relevant in the french market.

Do you plan on offering for the launch (I guess not)? If not, what would be a more realistic timeframe?


Thanks a lot for all this information, moon. (Also thanks for helping with Freetrade’s French translation.)

We are building a product for long-term investing, and PEA is part of that vision, as is simple, transparent pricing. Sounds like we are on the same page about what’s needed in the French market! We can’t comment on the details yet, but we will share details as soon as we can. :+1:


Great, can’t wait! Also, since every adult can only have one PEA, the ability to transfer from an existing provider to FT seems like a must-have.