Pennon Group - PNN 🗑 💦

I hate the monopoly water companies have. But that in my opinion at least makes UK water companies pretty reliable places and they make up a good chuck of my Freetrade account. I’d like to see Pennon added to complement Severn Trent and United Utilites.

I’m a big fan of Pennon and would encourage people to check it out if it makes its way into the big UK stock release we’ll be seeing soon. Nice chunky dividend, very reliable business and actually great growth potential from its waste management side which is growing its business at a solid rate each year meaning that the dividend has been able to rise at a solid rate.

They have had offer of £4bn for just the viridor arm of the business from KKR.

With a total market cap of £4.25bn this looks like great value for both SWW and viridor.

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Oh wow, this could make for an interesting market open tomorrow morning!