[Request] Veolia (VIE.PA)

I want to request that free trade bring on board this company. I am very bullish and definitely one to go long.

Increasing demand for water and a swindling global supply means there is a lot of opportunity here


You can request one instrument in a stock request post. This is a fundamental rule of the forum, though it’s sadly not explained by the system when people post. Given the link, I’ve edited your post to make it VEOEF. If you’d like to request another instrument, another post is required. As you likely know, though, OTC Markets is not currently supported on Freetrade.

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Surely the correct ADR ticket is VEOEY? But the main shares are VIE.PA.


French resource management company Veolia will open an electric vehicle battery recycling facility in the UK, which it says will be able to process 20% of the UK’s end-of-life supply by 2024.

The firm will build a new facility in Minworth in the West Midlands. It will discharge and dismantle batteries before a chemical separation recycling process is completed.

Hi @soulie1

You’ll have to hold fire for :freetrade: to rollout the Paris Euronext exchange. It shouldn’t be long :crossed_fingers:

Don’t forget to search before starting a new thread Veolia - VIE.PA

So sorry, thought it was on the LSE as they are building a plant in the Midlands, UK

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