Pension Pot For Life

This sounds like a great opportunity for Freetrade! As it would mean people are able to require that their employer switches them over to their own SIPP.

Savers will be allowed to open a ‘pension pot for life’ that all current and future employers can pay into under government plans which may be revealed in the Autumn Statement tomorrow.

Pension Pot For Life


With a SIPP do you have a set date you can withdraw your investments? I really haven’t looked into it much until I hear the few things I need then I would make the phone call.

Saves waiting for my pot to go over 2 grand before i transfer

It seems fantastic for Freetrade AuM and getting more users. If they can please build it quickly and not in 2 years.

Currently, you can withdraw from a SIPP from age 55.

From 2028, it will rise to age 57 and then (unless Government changes this again) rise in line with the state pension age, staying 10 years below it.


So people like myself will likely be 80

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That sounds awful the thing is aren’t we losing years rather than gaining and this dtemed from covid and in general health?

Think I heard somewhere that if the death rates rise they actully have to lower pension age? Not sure how much of that is true but it seems the correct way to do things.

Else you’re buying into a scam of something that’s pretty unrealistic health wise.

Thanks Weenie :slight_smile: