Personal balance sheet/ pension plans

Hey guys,

Quite a few of my friends and family have asked me to analyse their current financial situation and help guide them with moving money in the right places etc. to secure a steady income/ money pot later in life. I so far have been going through their finances on a one on one basis but was wondering if anyone had ever come across a good generic balance sheet in the form of a PDF or something I could use. This way I could ask them to fill it out - take it away and do my calculations and report back.
Before anyone whinges about the FCA please understand this is really, really basic advice I am offering to friends and family for free. It is scary how little most people know!
I have one for myself but it is very personalised to just how I like it. I have seen some on google too but none of them have got a section for financial desires - date of retirement etc.

Basically I am being lazy/ have no design skills.

Thanks everyone!


Here is a good from from Game of Budgets


Here is a good list of budget templates and dashboards. Just change $ to Β£ to suit your budget.