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They’re too busy having a cardiac arrest!

I set a stop loss at 17.50 during the long halt. When it resumed it sold my shares at 9.11. lost 260. How does that work.

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Stop loss doesn’t mean Limit. You just give it a price that you want to start selling at when it’s hit. The only buy price seems to have been 9.11

Familiarise yourself with the concepts you’re betting money on :wink:


Very expensive lesson learnt.

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Happened to me as well. Had a stop at 19.05 that didn’t trigger. Ended up having to cancel and wait to sell at reopen… which obviously ended in a loss rather than the 100% gain I had. To say I’m upset is an understatement. FreeTrade just cant seem to perform with volatile stocks and they really should publicly say that to stop people losing money.


It sounds like the issue lies on your side by not fully understanding the instruments rather than the broker?
Or have you checked that there were buys happening at 19.05?


Maybe? As far as I’m aware Freetrade uses market orders on stop losses so it should sell for the best available price once the stop is triggered?

Yep. Likely the market price was significantly lower than £19 and it went through correctly.


At least you got over 9. I had a stop loss of 15, reopened and sold at 8.20. Livid

Hi all

Did people trade this using the freetrade app? Or another platform?

And was it a day trade today or is it a long term investment?

Similar issue, my sale went through and my shares were gone, then when the halt happened i got this message and was obviously unable to initialise the sale again. Learnt my lesson not to use Freetrade for these type of trades, the servers obviously cannot handle the volume of trades happening.
Can anyone recommend another platform to use?

How much did you lose.

To be fair people have said on here not to trade on high volatile stocks like this. Freetrade clearly ain’t built for this sort of investing.

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So far nothing because i did not sell, hopefully it picks up again Monday and i will sell then, otherwise i will just hold onto it for the next time :sweat_smile:. I will just set some limit sells so it will hopefully go through this time.

threw a couple £’s into this a couple months ago, didnt expect any return tbh, definitely not 1000%

This isn’t to do with Freetrade. It’s to do with the bid offer ask which is a wild place in volatile stock and small caps. Add to this a ceasing of trading means the only people who win are the high frequency traders with access to information ahead of retail investors.

The one problem with getting everyone investing is that lots of people learn lessons like this with their wallets.

Anyone know why Freetrade has this at $1.53 today when the price is actually $6.63?

Also, don’t use Freetrade for day trading, it’s useless for that.

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Looks like it’s a issue with the data provider. If you run you’re finger across the 1 Day it shows $8.70. Yahoo have it as $8.74 and this is due to which number the data provider uses for the final price. They can use the average if the bid ask spread or the final recorded transaction. Freetrade don’t update for after hours trading.

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Those in $PHUN the premarket movement has it over $11.50 atm, so it could pop again once the market opens. Good luck to all those in it.

Is it correct that this stock was worth $308 in 2019? Anyone know if it is likely to reach that again?