PodPoint crowdfunding

Anybody else invested in PodPoint on Crowdcube in the 2017 round? Looks like we are going to be about 2 months short of the min 3 years for EIS. Completion date for the EDF purchase looks to be in Feb - 2 months short of the required 3 years. :cry:

On a positive note they are selling for a profit - but returns significantly worse because EIS will need to be repaid.


I invested in both the 2015 and 2017 rounds, I do feel they’ve sold too early. Always nice to see a positive return but given the risk I would have preferred a higher ROI. Pod point was my exposure to the growing electric car market, after I sold my Tesla holdings.

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They obviously sold too early. The industry is in its infancy. Opportunity abounds. The board are walking with 7 or 8 figures and setting themselves up for life whilst the investors get crumbs. 1 3x return is good but in terms of crowdfunding it sucks.


Frustrating as invested in 2017. Might just vote against it as a token gesture - supposedly over 50% of the founders share holding already committed to it.

Correction : The vote is already closed! - rapid to say the least as only notified on Friday 07 Feb at 11:26 with a correction at 14:09

Yup it is all a bit shit. A lot of the Crowdcube stuff is… but if you get some of the gems (Revolut, Monzo, GoHenry (?) Celixir maybe) then all the rest will be forgotten) :slight_smile:

What’s the termination date on the EIS3 (the bit you keep), will have to dig mine out.

Obviously massively dissapointing whatever the price is, but I’m still totally unclear. Is the sale price 34p or 24p? If 24 why has Seedrs been showing the valuation at £95m (and this was confirmed in the L&G update) when the reported agreement is for £110m?

  • Freetrade of course!

Absolutely… as I did R2 :slight_smile:

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