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A Swedish automotive brand that was established as a new, standalone premium electric vehicle manufacturer in 2017 originally founded by Volvo Cars & Geely Holdings.

You need to vote on your own request. :+1:

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Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

In future, please include the full instrument name. There might be more than one GGPI SPAC in the world - as unlikely as this is - and it helps everyone understand what you mean without opening your thread.

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Is this something that is going to happen. I really hope to be able to buy into GGPI on my plus account.

Do we have any time frames?

Shame we haven’t got an update on this. This won’t get loads of votes because people don’t know what they don’t know and GGPI merger could be the next CCIV…

Will this get added to freetrade?..before its old news.

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There are no limits on how many times you can fill out the stock request form, everyday? :wink:

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Any updates on this?! I am still waiting!

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Would be nice to have this now, knowing it’ll merge with Polestar.

Merger plan had been confirmed.

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I asked about this above ages ago, but no luck. Slow by Freetrade…like I said a couple of months ago in the comments…far too slow to get this stock and we will miss out on this now.

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One thing that would concern me “ Current equity holders of Polestar, who will roll their entire interest in the combined company, will retain about 94% ownership, it said.”

94% the float for this company will be tiny!

Also not sure how it works when they’re a separate company and still being used as branding on the new Volvo EV’s.

Would like to see this on Freetrade ASAP

This is being widely reported now and the stock price gapped up yesterday. Probably be too late when its on Freetrade. Again.

Hi all

We’re looking at this, and all requests, and will do our best to add it.


That’s great. Can you also please look in adding Vinco Ventures (Bbig) I did a request thread for it. Thanks.

Is this something that takes a day or weeks? literally everyday this stock goes up, the appeal of having this stock disappears.

This is now live on your app.


Polestar EV company have merged with Gores Guggenheim Inc (GGPI on NASDAQ), a SPAC.

I think they have a lot of potential. Already a quality EV maker who were spun out of Volvo.


Love it! just grabbed £300 worth…lets see where this goes! Nice 1 Freetrade!


Did you buy 300 of Guggenheim?