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On the day the SPAC demerger happens the ticker and graph all update automatically. You don’t need to do anything.

The value will be same assuming the financing get voted without issue. There are times when the demerger deal is different (read - worse) than everyone expected and the market then adjusts but this is rare. See VELO3D which dropped 15%

I put £700 into GGPI @ $10.15


Ding dong, well done.
I’ve put a bit less than you, but the return by the end of today (% wise) is awesome.
I was thinking of a short term 5% then pull out (it’s almost double that atm) but I think this will be a longer term prospect now…

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Hold hold hold…all I can say! Happy making money! :grinning::sweat_smile::rofl:


Suprised more people aren’t on this? The EV market is going crazy!

I got in at $10 (ish) too for a quick turnaround. But like others I am holding. This could be the retirement fund in waiting.

Been in since $10.20 … This is my last remaining SPAC behind AGC (Grab)… Sold all others off.

I think the SP will be up & down until the merger in 2022.

I’m holding.

Im new to investing and have only just come across this spac, would everyone say its to late to get in at £14 ??? Thanks

@Craig3 - wait for a dip and then come in. I am going to load up on the next mini dip as once the merger officially happens I believe it will go up to a healthy $20 / more / level out. Then just Hodl as Polestar is new to USA but gaining a good brand name in Europe. Future bright. Price will go :arrow_up: over time.

Thanks i got in on the little dip yesterday :+1:

Hi @Craig3 this is a question that nobody can answer for a few reasons -

When a SPAC competes it’s acquisition and demerges there will be two significant things that will affect the valuation.
A - The size of any PIPE that is needed which given Polestar are pre profit could be substantial.
B - The % of the target company they acquire, many of the existing owners will likely retain a large %.

In this EV hungry market people forget than when Churchill Capital IV Corp announced their intention to merge with LUCID the share price crashed.

As always do your research and tread cautiously - you’re better to wait a week and read more than to be stung because you saw a share price drop and jumped in $1 less.


Thanks for the advice :pray: i am still a baby to investing, i have already jumped in at about $13.30, i just got 5.5 shares tho while i see what its looking like, i get most of my info off YouTube at the min while im not 100% sure what im looking for exactly so any feed back off a genuine trader on here is much appreciated, thanks :+1:

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Well ive had my eye wiped after the run gorse has had today :-1: saying that nearly everything is way down today. Dose anybody know whats going on :confused: its only alphawave thats keeping me above water, just about tho

Many times a stock price will moved by industry, country, global or other events that aren’t anything specifically to do with it.

Yesterday federal reserve chairman (bit like our chancellor) referred to inflation without ‘transitory’. He suggested that he might start the tapering the feds US bond buying program. When inflation rise interest rates tend to follow to bring it under control. When interest rates rise investors don’t need to take as many risks with pre revenue / growth tech stocks.


Today would have been good to grab some on the dip. $12.15 was the low, closest I think you will get to NAV before merger IMHO.

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Glimpse of the polestar 3.

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Hey everyone, I wanted to ask as I’ve seen it mentioned in places that once the merger goes through, polestar will own 94%, ggpi investors (us retail investors) will own 3.8% of the overall company and PIPE investors will own 1.2%. I just wanted to ask if it’s a bad thing that we only own 3.8% of the overall company? So, if I invest £10 and the stock price doubles, so I’ve now got a share worth £20, does 3.8% matter? Apologies if I’m not explaining myself properly, I just saw someone online criticising the deal and saying not to invest in GGPI because we will only own 3.8%, any clarity or explanation much appreciated on this

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This issue will only matter when it comes to corporate governance and voting rights. Whatever you buy shares in you’re a tiny minority owner but you could join forces with other holders to demand changes if you could get to a sizeable holding. In the case of Polestar, this will never happen.

You might also.be concerned that Geelong could start to systematically sell down their position flooding the market and suppress demand.


@NeilB Hi Neil thanks for explaining that, I understand where you’re coming from now and yes the point about Geelong is a good one, I imagine it would be similar scenario with the Saudi/PIF and lucid if they decided to sell off. Another thing I wanted to ask you (and to pick on your SPAC knowledge) is about the Lucid/CCIV fiasco in the early days and if it is going to happen with GGPI too. As a noob to the game, I’ve found myself drawn to the EV sector (as have a lot of people I’m sure especially with all the hype, tesla Elon fanfare, future is electric etc) but one thing I’ve noticed is with both Lucid and Rivian (I know they didn’t go public via Spac), but they both had that huge spike and drop at the start (it was a lot more spectacular with Rivian, leading to some real unfortunate bag holding for those who may have bought in at the peak of $170+). The reason I am asking is because I’ve got a feeling this will be happening with this stock too. What confused me is that we all know GGPI is planning to merge with Polestar (buying the rumour) so when that does happen and the merger is officially announced, why do so many people sell out (selling the news), I get a bit confused about the ‘hype’ part because, we all know that ggpi will merge with volvo, so why is everyone so shocked and starts fomo-ing? Or is the Lucid situation slightly different in that CCIV was not explicitly saying they wanted to merge with Lucid? Anyway apologies if I’m not making sense, still trying to get my head around that scenario so I can be prepared this this one.